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Multi-click ads will increase engagement and reach

Digital advertising has grown to become the top ad channel and has surpassed television advertising for the first time.

Fluid Ads MultiClick

eMarketer’s forecast shows that by 2020, $113.1 billion will be spent on digital advertising in the USA alone. Magna predicts that digital ad sales will be pulling in an estimated $202 billion worldwide.

This is a fast-paced industry where increasingly brands are constantly competing to increase brand reach and viewer engagement. When it comes to the hard-sell there are many factors that influence an individual’s path to purchase.

Fluid Ads offers Multi-Click within our ad tech platform.

They may see several products they like advertised, there may be an enticing promotion or they may have been intrigued by the product recommendations on a company’s social media channels. In order to grab the viewer’s attention, some ads aim to communicate multiple messages or sell several products at the same time. But with many standard display ads, the viewer is only able to click through to a single, landing page – requiring them to navigate their own way to the exact content they were interested in, decreasing their engagement at every step. This isn’t the greatest of user experiences.

We have been listening to our clients’ needs and have launched our new feature, multi-click, to help generate the greatest value for display investments.

All our ad templates have a multi-click option which means that there are several options for landing pages and you can use as many as you want, it’s completely flexible. You may want to only direct viewers to one specific landing page or if there a range of products to showcase, you may want each product to lead the viewer somewhere different such as different product pages, home page or social media channels.

These multi-click templates open up new opportunities for many industries, it’s easy to see how automotive, property, classified and retail industries could benefit by bringing the viewer one step closer to the basket. Also, this gives the advertiser a competitive advantage as others in the industry will still be sending all their viewers to the same landing page, adding extra time and possible distractions to their purchase.

The amount of landing page options depends on the template. If you’ve selected one of our templates which has no transitions, one image, one text box, one logo and a call-to-action , then there will be a total of four click-through opportunities.

Template: Easy Rider

multiclick fluid ads example

Other templates have multiple transitions, several image and text boxes and then you can include an array of links.

Template: Prestige, three transitions

All our multi-click templates are compatible with our dynamic creatives solution. Each node that you create within the dynamic structure can lead to different landing pages that are more relevant in that moment in time. For example, if you’ve created a weather based campaign showcasing different outfits based on rain, sun and so forth, you can create a whole host of landing pages that will entice the viewer at the right time.

If you would like to find out more about the best way to use multi-click ad templates or want to ensure your company is enabled to work with them, get in touch with our team to find out more.

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