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Improve Digital Advertising. Deliver more and spend less.

Fluid Ads is the go to digital advertising platform and service for Marketers, offering a comprehensive solution for all your digital display advertising needs.

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“Google web design is a bloated solution with a steep learning curve for our non-coding designers. We’re looking for something lean and mean. ”

Inside the platform

Build easily

An intuitive, featured packed HTML5 Ad builder. Empowering anyone to create award-winning display advertisements.

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Target precisely

Find your perfect audience, out in the physical and digital space. Deliver your message to the right people, at the right time.

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Report everything

Up to the second live reporting as to how your campaigns perform, providing deep insights into who your audience are.

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Fantastic features

Ad Builder

Use our award-winning Ad Builder to create HTML5 display Ads that are beautiful, modern and feature rich. Build award winning Ads in minutes.

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Data-driven Feed Ads

With fully agnostic feed technology to make sure you can keep your ads seamlessly up to date. No longer do you have to re-work your data into every Ad.

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Dynamic Ads

Deliver the right message at the right time for the best digital display ad conversions, change content dependant on weather, pricing or other market dynamics.

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Geo Fencing

Location based targeting, target people in the real world and reach audiences on the basis of where people have visited and optimise your budget accordingly.

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Retarget people who have already been on your site. Retargeting is a known strategy for higher conversions and acquiring more customers.

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With live reports on how your campaigns are performing, you can take the opportunity to amend your approach on the fly for the success of your campaigns.

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The complete solution, for all your digital display advertising needs.

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