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Improve Digital Advertising ROI

Fluid Ads are experts in digital advertising and provide managed campaigns or a self-serve platform for businesses wanting to start or take their digital advertising further

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Campaigns that took a week now just take an hour
It almost tripled the CTR performance helping us to renew this account for 2019
Driving CTR 70% above industry standard for Waylands Automotive
Google web design for our non-coding designers is a bloated solution with steep learning curves. We’re looking for something lean and mean.

Build Ads easily

An intuitive, feature packed digital HTML5 display Ad builder. Empowering the creation of award-winning brand or product ads in minutes from scratch or a template.

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Target Ads precisely

Find your perfect audience in the physical and digital space. Fluid Ads campaign targeting delivers your message to the right people, at the right time.

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Report everything

Report everything you need to make the right strategic decisions and drive forward the marketing and sales performance of your business.

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Our Ad solutions

Build engaging digital adverts
Digital Advertising Platform icon

Digital Advertising Platform

Our feature-rich digital advertising platform has all the design and targeting tools you need to build and deliver digital display campaigns all from one place.

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Ad Design icon

Ad Design

Quickly create modern and beautiful HTML5 digital ads in multiple shapes with the Ad Builder in the Fluid Ads platform. Build high performing Ads from scratch or a template in minutes.

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A/B Testing icon

A/B Testing

See how you can easily A/B test your ad creatives to ensure you get the best performance for your ad campaigns.

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Product Advertising icon

Product Advertising

Fully agnostic feed technology in-platform keeps product ads seamlessly up to date without having to rework the Ad creative every time the data changes.

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Dynamic Ads icon

Dynamic Ads

Deliver the right message at the right time for the best performing ads, change content depending on weather, pricing or other market dynamics.

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Contextual Ads icon

Contextual Ads

Use Contextual Ad campaigns to show your display ad promotions on websites with relevant content, making viewers more inclined to click your ad.

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Geotargeting Ads icon

Geotargeting Ads

Geotargeting focuses your ad campaigns on specific locations where your audience are for better performing campaigns - a must for local targeting.

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Geofencing Ads icon

Geofencing Ads

Location based targeting, find people in the real world depending on where they visit or physically are located to optimise your budget on focused audiences.

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Retargeting Ads icon

Retargeting Ads

Engage users who have already been on a website with targeted creative to realise higher conversions and acquire more customers to boost ROI.

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Media Buying icon

Media Buying

Learn how Fluid Ads can help ensure your Ads are delivered to the right programmatic channels and publisher sites.

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Digital Ad Reporting icon

Digital Ad Reporting

With insights on campaign performance, analyse results and take the opportunity to amend your approach on the fly for successful future campaigns.

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Explore our results

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Charity client achieves 200% ROI with Fluid Ads – “For every $1 spent we got $3 back”

Charity client achieves a 200% ROI with Digital Advertising campaigns from Fluid Ads. Every $1 invested, returned $3 to their non-profit organisation.

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Puregym use Geofencing to flex the CTR 157% above industry standard for Lucozade

Puregym target their locations and flex the CTR above 157% for Lucozade with the use of Fluid Ads Geofencing.

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Drako Media Group almost triple CTR with Fluid Ads

The Canadian agency Drako Media Group are experts in location-based mobile marketing partnering with their clients using their cutting-edge mobile marketing expertise generating in-store traffic.

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Driving CTR 70% Above Industry Standard for Waylands Automotive

See how Waylands Automotive were able to increase their display ad campaigns CTR to above industry standard and gain valuable insights for future success. As a family-run and owned motor retail group, Waylands Automotive sell brand new or Approved Used Volvo cars across four locations.

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