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Contextual Advertising

Boost your click-throughs and conversions with Contextual Advertising

An ad placed on the wrong site in the wrong context simply won’t work. It will be of no use to the user viewing it and they’ll likely find it distracting and even annoying. It won’t secure click-throughs and it won’t convert.

All it will be is a simple waste of your advertising spend.

An ad placed on a website in the right context will complement and encourage action. It can increase brand awareness amongst the customers that are relevant to your business and will encourage click-throughs and conversions. That’s where you can make a difference to your bottom line with Contextual Targeting.

Contextual Targeting
Contextual targeting or contextual advertising will place your ad on a website that contains content that is relevant to your ad.

A package holiday provider will have much more success in placing their ads on websites that contain reviews or information relating to specific destinations. An automotive retailer will get much more bang for their buck by showing their ads to users who are viewing the reviews of the latest car models. As a food retailer, you’ll drive better engagement and ultimately conversions by placing your ads next to recipes, as opposed to clothes.

With so much content online and so many websites dedicated to specific niches, contextual advertising works for any business.

Engaging with the user when they are interested
The user has actively searched for, found and taken their time to view the content on the webpage. Clearly, they are interested in that topic. By showing a related ad, you’re engaging with them when they are interested in your product or service.

A more interested audience will mean better click-throughs and conversions. It really is that simple.

Contextual targeting with Fluid Ads
Through our Creative Intelligence Platform you can tap into our Audience Extension capabilities to apply contextual targeting to your display campaigns.
We enable you to display contextual ads using two specific techniques:

  • Keywords – targeting the audience based on the keywords contained in the content being viewed and on the basis of their recent searches
  • Category – targeting the audience based on the category of the content the page is defined as

Both create the opportunity to get in front of your target demographic at a time when they are interested in content relating to your specific category or niche.

The value of the Fluid Ads Platform
We don’t just give you the opportunity to target your audience contextually.

Through the Fluid Ads Platform, you can create beautiful, multi-size HTML5 ads in minutes and make sure you engage with your audience in a way that gives you the best chance of driving conversions.

By combining contextual targeting with feed ads you can place your ads where your audience is at a time when they are interested in your product. By connecting your ads to your feed using our agnostic “no template required” feed technology, you’ll save more time and ensure the ad changes automatically in line with updates to your inventory. With dynamic advertising, you can even change your messaging in line with the time of day, the weather and political events.

Your ads will be relevant, up to date and right for that moment.

We give you access to a platform that will enhance the effectiveness of your display activity, help you engage with the audiences that matter and ultimately impact your bottom line all from one place.

If you want to engage with the key audiences for your business then contact us today to learn more.

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