Managed Service

For those with larger budgets who are looking for more complex campaigns, we offer a Managed Service.

What To Expect From Managed Service

The Fluid Ads team of experts will run your campaign for you. From creating all the artwork and choosing the right mix of tactics, to analysing the results and honing your campaign to ensure it meets your goals, we provide a consultative approach where we work closely with you every step of the way.

Whether you’re starting with a Pilot Campaign, or you’ve got longer term objectives in mind, the process is the same. We follow these five simple steps.

1. Meeting

The first step is to have a meeting/call with you. The aim of this call is two fold. Firstly for Fluid Ads to find out more about your company, and the second part is to share with you how our technology and service can deliver on your requirements and add value to your marketing strategy. This call will explore such things as:

2. Campaign Proposal

If we both agree that digital advertising could work for you and you’re happy to progress, your account manager will then work with our in house team of experts to build a bespoke campaign proposal. We will then present this proposal to you and answer any questions you have.

3. Invoice

We might decide upon tweaks to the proposal, but when everyone is in agreement, we discuss when and how we are going to make the campaign live and your first invoice is processed.

4. Artwork

We then create your artwork, which will be sent over for approval, and we set in place your start date.

5. Your Campaign Begins

Over the duration of the campaign, however long it is, we will keep you updated as you require, and we will have regular calls with you to present the campaign performance. We will also detail our suggestions and ideas on how we can continually make improvements. All campaigns need to be tweaked over time to improve performance, and as part of our Managed Service we monitor this closely.

Whatever your requirements and whatever industry you work in, digital advertising can produce brilliant results. We’d love to explore how it could work for you.

Get started by dipping your toe in the water with a Pilot Campaign. Or if you know what you want, book in a time with Emma to get things moving.

What is a Pilot Campaign?

A pilot campaign is a short term campaign where you can test to see how digital display advertising may work for you. This is useful both if you are brand new to digital display advertising, or if you want to try out a new tactic, such as Geofencing.

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