Targeted Display Ads Drive CTR 70% Above Industry Standard


Using the Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform, we were able to supercharge the effectiveness of digital advertising for this client in the automotive sector. By streamlining both ad design and geo-targeting, the business saw increased brand awareness in their target locations and higher engagement with best-fit audiences near to their premises.


As a family-run and owned motor retail group, Waylands Automotive sell brand new or Approved Used Volvo cars across four locations in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Wiltshire in the UK. Core company values focus on their customer service, knowledgeable team and value for money.

The client wanted to increase the reach of their advertising and ensure they could engage with the audiences that matter most to their business. A test campaign was to run one month, with the challenge of reaching local audiences and boosting ad effectiveness.


The Fluid Ads platform is a Creative Intelligence Platform that simplifies the process of creating, delivering and reporting on digital display advertising, provided the foundation for this campaign execution.

Specifically, Waylands Automotive were able to use audience extension to reach their exact local audiences. Targeted ads ensured an increase in the impact of their display activities, making the best use of their budget and increasing brand awareness in target locations and with the best-fit audiences.


With just a month’s worth of display activity enhanced by the Fluid Ads platform, Waylands Automotive secured a CTR 70% higher than the industry benchmark (as outlined by the Google Display Network).

The campaign secured just under 500k impressions and generated some extremely valuable insights to implement into further display activity. Key learnings from the results saw the desktop leaderboard ad size drove the highest CTR whilst a strong call to action yielded the best engagement, indicating the value of digital display placements for advertising offers and products and delivering qualified leads to the business.

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