Self-Serve Storage Provider Boosts Local Presence


With the objective to improve performance of existing digital advertising, the Fluid Ads team applied advanced targeting strategies to boost reach and engagement for this self-storage provider, driving occupancy from 55 to 95%. By layering tactics, we identified best-fit customers from both active and passive online audiences thereby driving more impressions, clicks and online reservations for the client.


The client is a publicly traded company that owns and operates more than 1,100 storage facilities in America in over 36 states with over 600,000 customers across the country.

The storage provider has led the way in growth for the past few years in terms of storage rental and is the 4th largest self-storage company in the USA.

The client outsources their digital advertising. They are always checking to make sure they are working with the market leading suppliers of the services they require.

A recent such review led them to contact Fluid Ads to understand how we could support the delivery of their store’s digital promotion.

They wanted to promote a message to residents within a certain geographical radius of each store. They were previously just using geofencing to target local people but were looking for a digital advertising expert to provide a seamless and integrated approach to enable better performance. Their aim was to increase the number of full/paid units in each of their stores.


Fluid Ads were selected for a 3 month trial period to support 3 stores via digital advertising campaigns.

Previously, the client had only used Geofencing but from the start Fluid Ads knew that the best way of achieving their ambitions was to combine a number of digital advertising tactics.

The solution was a managed service where the Fluid Ads Ops team ran the campaigns on behalf of the client with regular campaign check-ins to ensure synergy and complete optimisation of the campaigns. This encompassed the full digital advertising process from ad design, right through to deployment and reporting. The strategy included targeting:

Active users: Using keywords, search terms and competitor information, the plan was to identify those people who were looking for storage now.

Passive users: Applying advanced filters, Fluid Ads were able to target those audiences who were more likely to require the clients services now or in the future. These included age, life stages and certain interests.

Retargeting: Identifying those people who visited the clients website and promoting a targeted message to them via digital display was the third tactic we used.

Target keywords is one of the foundational audience tactics deployed, which allowed Fluid Ads to hone in on potential customers, for the client. This is not the same as a ‘pay per click’ campaign, whereby you bid for audiences searching for specific terms in a live auction. For digital display keyword campaigns, we build a custom audience based on the keywords being searched online. By layering this targeting, in combination with Geofencing targeting, this campaign was better able to identify good-fit customers.


The first month of the 3 month trial on 3 stores went so well that the client brought over 9 more stores for the trial which generated over 4.5 million impressions, 3000+ clicks and resulted in 97 online reservations.

The client was particularly impressed with the results Fluid Ads achieved for one of their more difficult performing stores where occupancy generally averaged out at 55% but following the campaign this is now at 95%.

The client has been most impressed with the level of service from Fluid Ads and the ease of running managed digital ad campaigns. This has resulted in the client planning to increase the number of stores to be managed by the Fluid Ads team.

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