Niche Audiences Deliver CTR’s 1000% Higher than Average


A digital display strategy to drive awareness, consideration and action for a niche target audience within the satellite technology space. Combining precision targeting techniques like geofencing and contextual keywords to find exactly the right prospects online, the campaign achieved unprecedented click-through rates between 2.15% and 3.6%, leading to new deals for the client.


Satellogic is a leader in high resolution Earth Observation data collection, providing satellite solutions and data services to tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges such as food supply, energy, forestry and environmental monitoring.

With more than a decade of experience in space, Satellogic wanted to find new ways of getting in front of their niche target audiences, to promote their Space Systems offering, whereby organisations can acquire a Satellogic satellite–delivered in orbit.

The key challenge was online discoverability with a very niche B2B and B2G audience – Satellogic wanted their brand offering in front of their ideal customer without a lot of wasted ad spend. Due to the specialist B2B and B2G target audience, there is not a lot of 3rd party data available to use, so Satellogic needed the ability to find more prospects that may, or crucially may not, be actively searching for satellite imagery.

Their message needed to reach the key decision makers, introducing their rapid deployment and cost effective Earth Observation data to C-level seniority, within target organisations. For example, if potential customers aren’t aware of Satellogics’ proposition they won’t be searching online, so can’t be targeted by pay per click campaigns.


Fluid Ads devised a digital advertising campaign to drive ‘first-touch’ marketing, bringing prospects into Satellogic’s sphere of influence, and then engaging them down the customer journey funnel.

Brand Awareness

Initially, Fluid Ads created a geofencing campaign that targeted a number of Satellogic’s key prospects by location in their place of work. Geofences were created over the key organisations’ places of business to capture the audience. By serving customised display ads, this captured users attention with a visual demonstration of the tech and the type of images that can be captured, promoting Satellogic’s key benefits. To ensure the ads were only shown to the decision makers, the campaign was refined by overlaying job titles, so not only were we targeting the relevant business geographically, we were getting the ad in front of the right person – the C-level staff.

24 geofences were set up across the world, targeting relevant organisations, this covered the passive part of Satellogic’s prospect targeting, driving brand awareness with the right seniority level in the right location, where potential prospects weren’t necessarily actively researching Satellogic.


To support brand awareness, the Fluid Ads team built a tailored contextual display campaign, utilising contextual keywords to find users based on the content they are reading. This covered the audience who were already aware of satellite services and who were researching this space. It would also reinforce Satellogic’s messaging to those users exposed to the brand awareness campaign who were now researching satellite services online. By serving display adverts within contextual placements, this enabled us to showcase Satellogic to exactly the right prospect at the right time. Contextual display placements are often cheaper and less competitively priced than bidding on keywords within pay per click campaigns. Furthermore, they can be very effective at building brand preference by appearing in context for the reader.

We worked with the client to build a bespoke list of related keywords that were likely to be present in articles read by their potential audience. This was then overlaid with key demographics, for example salary banding, further refining the targeting.

The advert creatives promoted the key benefits and accessibility of Satellogic’s services, including the price point and rapid deployment.


The digital strategy was further supported with a retargeting campaign, providing those prospects who had visited Satellogic website with a repeat opportunity to engage with Satellogic content.

Our overarching focus was on quality over quantity. Applying precision targeting and layering digital filters, allowed us to build a custom audience that was highly qualified for our client.


By layering tactics, this advertising campaign achieved the objectives of reach and engagement. Firstly, reaching brand new audiences that were not aware of Satellogic’s offering, secondly, engaging prospects when they were actively researching, and finally, re-engaging prospects once they had visited the website.

Honing in on the niche audiences actively researching the satellite technology industry, we achieved unparalleled click through rates, delivering the ideal prospects into the sales pipeline – the contextual insertions achieved an average display click through rate of 2.15%, which is over 1000% higher than the industry average for a contextual digital display campaign.

Some individual keywords hit a CTR of over 3.6%. This was driven by exposure to new territories, spiking interest in countries such as African countries for example.

We also saw high CTRs in key countries, for example, a Middle East country, achieved a blended CTR of 1.11%, driven by contextual and audience keyword tactics. This exposure has resulted in deal uplift for Satellogic.

Michelle Via, Manager, Product Marketing at Satellogic said: “Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Fluid Ads is the best display advertising partner I have worked with. Satellogic is engaging in a very niche B2B and B2G space that requires extreme attention to detail and creativity. We are unable to use most conventional 3rd party data categories for our targeting. The success of this campaign would not have been possible without the collaboration with Emma and Charlotte, as we had to work closely together to determine the best way to get in front of our target audience. This campaign has exceeded our expectations in driving brand preference for Satellogic as a leader for Low Earth Orbit satellites providing submeter multispectral imagery.”

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