What is display advertising?

The most comprehensive guide to display advertising in 2021

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to display advertising
  2. What is display advertising?
  3. Display ads vs Native ads
  4. Why use display ads as part of a marketing campaign?
  5. The benefits of using display ads
  6. How does a display advertising campaign work?
  7. How are display ads published?
  8. Tips to succeed in display advertising
    • Create visually appealing display ads
    • Create a strong call to action
    • Create effective landing pages
  9. Starting a display advertising campaign
    • Ad design
    • Ad scale
    • Ad publishing
    • Ad campaign performance
  10. How to measure the success of your display ad campaign
    • Impressions
    • Reach
    • Click-through rate
    • Conversion rate
  11. Different goals of display ad campaigns
    • Brand awareness
    • Conversions & Lead generation
    • Retargeting
  12. Different types of display ads
    • Banner Ads
    • Expandable display ads
    • 360 Display ads
    • Rich media ads
    • Interstitial ads
    • 3D display
    • Lightbox ads
  13. Different sizes of display ads
    • Mobile display ad sizes
    • Desktop display ad sizes
  14. Why HTML5 is the favoured format for display ads
  15. How to target your audience using display ads
    • Display network targeting
      • Demographic targeting
      • Placement targeting
      • Keyword targeting
      • Interest targeting
    • Ad targeting
      • Contextually targeted ads
      • Site placed ads
      • Personalised ads
      • Geofencing ads

1. Introduction to display advertising

We are sure you have heard the term ‘Display Advertising’, but maybe it’s not always clear what it exactly means. There are some common misconceptions around the understanding of ‘Display Advertising’, some of which suggest that any and all online marketing is considered display advertising, which in fact, it is not.

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