The importance of hyper-relevant ads

Providing the right message to the right consumer, at the right time is so important for your digital display campaigns.

In an ever-demanding consumer-driven market, customers expect a consistent message from brands, as well as personalisation. Your digital display ads must be targeted at and tailored for specific users. Do that and you’ll enjoy higher click-through rates, increased conversions and stronger ROI for your campaigns.

There is also the opportunity to increase customer retention, grow your sales and impact your brand awareness. Hyper-relevant ads are critical for the success of your digital advertising.

What is a hyper-relevant ad?

When we talk about hyper-relevant digital display ads, we mean ads that are targeted at a specific type of user, at a certain time, with the most appropriate message.

These are some examples of hyper-relevant ads and how you can use them for your digital advertising strategy:

Product Retargeting

Retargeting effectively allows you to follow a user around the internet once they have viewed something on your website, serving them with ads that are relevant to their needs.

When it comes to ensuring your retargeting efforts are hyper-relevant, product retargeting is essential.

This means that once a user has viewed specific products on your website, the retargeting ads they’ll see will contain those exact products. This tactic will assist you with guiding users through their path to purchase as well as tackling cart abandonment. Hyper-relevant ads in this format can improve the performance of your ads by as much 10 times.

Hyperlocal advertising

Hyperlocal advertising is the process of targeting prospective customers in a highly-specific, geographically restricted area. In some cases this can be as small as just a few streets, blocks or around a specific store for example.

There are a couple of options to engage with an audience in such a small geographic area.


This tactic helps you to target a defined demographic of user in a specific geographic area. You have the ability to set the geographic parameters, while crucially your spend will go only on targeting those users that are relevant to your business.

That means there’s no hit and hope as it would be with more traditional forms of local advertising. You’re also not playing the long-game as you would be with a local SEO strategy; it’s all about the here and now.

The technology is the platform to engage with that audience. Your messaging, offers, and deals must be tailored to ensure the hyper-relevance.


Working like Retargeting in the real world, Geofencing enables you to engage with users in real-time on their mobile devices, while they’re on the go.

By simply drawing a geofence around a certain location, whether your own store for example or one of your competitors, you’ll serve hyper-relevant ads to anyone that passes through that area. This is an ideal tactic to let previous customers know of exclusive offers or deals, to poach customers from your competitors, or even encourage engagement with your competitions.

Essential technology to keep your ads hyper-relevant

Having access to the technology to connect with your audience in a hyper-relevant way is of course crucial. Critical to the success of your campaigns however will be the tools to ensure the messaging of your ads is always relevant.

This includes providing different campaign messages throughout the course of the day and in line with external factors, as well as ensuring your ads are in the right language, through Dynamic Ads and guaranteeing that your ads will always feature up-to-date products, offers and deals through the use of In-feed ads.

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