Target your customers based on their real-life movements

Geofencing ads are the best option for targeting users based on their real-time movements. Geofencing ads can help your company target consumers who have expressed an interest, generate sales, turn interest into custom, and provide tangible results.

What Exactly Is Geofencing?

Geofencing probably isn’t a term you will have come across unless you are in the digital marketing industry or have experience using services like this before. Even a few years ago, geofencing wasn’t as popular as it is today, and it is only thanks to technological advancements in recent years that this type of targeted marketing has become possible.

Geofencing marketing is a location-based marketing technique that connects with smartphone users when they enter a defined location, such as a store, academic institution or trade event via mobile apps or mobile web pages. Geofencing relies on several technologies, including Wi-Fi, GPS, radio-frequency identification (RFID), and Bluetooth as a location-based technique.

With over 6 billion smartphone users worldwide, it’s a very effective way to target people based on their real life movements.

How Geofencing Ads work

With geofencing ads, you can draw a ‘fence’ around a specific location, meaning that when someone enters the ‘fence’, your targeted messaging can then be deployed to that person.

A fence can be any size from one meter around an address or postcode to a specified limit allowing you send tailored display ads to anyone who has location services turned on and has entered the defined fence; you can even continue to deploy ads after they have left the defined area for up to 30 days after they have left.

Geofencing Ads demonstration image

Fences can be built around anything you wish, such as one of your sites, competitor premises, or an event venue during a specific show, conference, or sporting event. Attendees who have been geofenced can receive targeted messaging, while potential customers who have left one of your stores can be persuaded back with a special offer using the retargeting functionality.

This is also an excellent strategy for targeting customers more directly on mobile devices. As users pass through your fences in real-time, you can increase in-store or on-location physical conversions rather than online conversions. Geofencing can give you real-time results and more accurate conversions.

How can Geofencing Ads be applied

The top 4 strategies for Geofencing Ads are:

  • Competitor targeting: Target visitors to your competitors’ physical locations with ads enticing them to give you a try.
  • Physical locations: Stay on top of customer loyalty and target users that visit your physical locations
  • Physical location with keywords: Find users that are searching for your goods or services nearby and entice them instore or online.
  • Event targeting: Serve Ads to events where you know your target audience is (festivals, concerts, stadiums, retail outlets, airports, b2b expos).
A More Focused Ad Spend

No one likes waste, especially marketing budgets. But drilling down where your money is better spent can be somewhat of trial and error. You are playing in a fairly expansive pond on the world wide web, and there will be millions of users who have no interest or need for your company and what you sell.

Geofencing ads mean you can double down on your marketing efforts and target only those interested in your company as they are nearby or also searching for something you can provide them with. After all, if they are within your fence, wherever it may be, chances are they will be interested in what you can provide. If it isn’t working, you have the data you need to make changes at any time.

Increased loyalty

Once you have made that initial sale and converted interest into a customer, you must retain that business. Retained customers are more valuable to businesses than new ones. If people like something, they share it. Retaining that custom and allowing for upselling opportunities can solidify your reputation and increase your brand awareness.

Maybe they came across one of your high quality, non-intrusive ads that were triggered when they entered your fence. The ads helped them make up their mind to purchase, and they were happy with their overall experience and purchase. They will come back again, especially with this development because if your ads are dynamic enough to stay fresh and effective they will become loyal customers who introduce you to others customers.

Increased Data and Analytics.

Digital Ad Analytics is a critical component of geofencing marketing. It is based on data, which provides actionable information to your marketing team or marketing provider for your next campaign.

You can measure both ad impressions and conversions zone visits to allow you to modify your ads on the go if required and get real-time feedback allowing you to make other changes if you need to. There is no waiting until your campaign is over; you can make amendments instantly to increase your success as needed.

Better User Engagement

You can enhance your campaigns and increase user engagement rates based on the data you collect. In a nutshell, you’re honing your audience to achieve greater outcomes. You’re also learning which calls-to-action (CTAs) and ad copy work best for your target audience. Run offers and discounts based on the engagement, evaluate what works best or is more enticing, and adapt your marketing to accommodate this feedback.

Identify Interests

One of the main benefits of geofencing ads is that you can identify a user’s interests based on their physical location at any given time. If they are visiting an arena when live music is on, you can target them based on the show they have seen and their love of live music. Or maybe they are visiting an attraction when they have a themed day. You know they are interested in that theme, so your ads can focus on the theme or location.

Consumers respond better to ads that pique their interest, so being able to adjust your ads to meet these interests as they are being enjoyed will garner more conversions than a day or two after the event.

Geofencing ads allow you to be more proactive concerning your marketing efforts and targeted ads. It allows you to hone in on what is happening in a specific area of your choosing and within these limits. You can appreciate the user’s habits and interests to allow you to effectively convert your clicks to sales and boost your marketing efforts in an amenable and dynamic way that benefits both you and the consumer.

Contact us today to see which strategies are best applied to your business or book a demo to see how the Fluid Ads solution works in geofencing multiple physical locations to target your ideal customers based on their real life movements.

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