Save your budget for current stock with In-Feed Ads

Can your current ad-tech provider guarantee that every single one of your digital display ads will always be up-to-date?

At Fluid Ads our in-feed data-driven ads ensure that the ads that your users see will never be out of date. Every single time.

The problem with out-of-date ads

It’s obvious. If you spend time understanding your users and retarget them with relevant ads, base your targeting on keyword searches, or use geo-targeting to reach your local audience for example, all your effort is wasted when your ads are out-of-date.

More importantly, your budget is wasted too.

Whilst your ads might perform well when it comes to click-through rate, they simply won’t convert.

Users will not convert if the product that’s advertised is already sold out, advertised at the wrong price, or the deal is no longer live? Cue customer frustration and a legitimate reason to switch to one of your competitors.

Without the guarantee of up-to-date and relevant ads your digital advertising will be inefficient, low-performing and a waste of your crucial advertising budget. You’ll provide a poor customer experience to existing users and potential new customers. Your business will start to suffer as you’ll lose money and customers.

Unfortunately this is what a number of ad-tech providers are offering through their feed ad products. We’re still seeing the online world littered with out-of-date ads, despite what these providers may claim.

Not with Fluid Ads.

In-Feed Ads with Fluid Ads

At Fluid Ads, our data-driven in-feed ads guarantee that your digital display ads will always be up-to-date with available products, correct pricing and all of your latest offers.

You’ll never waste your ad spend and your users will always have a high-quality customer experience.

How can you guarantee that my ads will always be up to date?

Our data driven in-feed product is based on your brand’s own data. Crucially, we work with live feeds, meaning that when any changes to your product inventory occur, the feed (and therefore the ads) updates in real time.

The changes happen automatically, meaning that you don’t need to do any additional work at your end.

The ad works by pulling information from an external source that feeds data into it and ensures specific details are illustrated in the ad. Dynamic content will be taken directly from your inventory source and fed into your ads. Everything will always be up-to-date.

What is my inventory source?

Your inventory source will be specific to your business and is basically where your data sits. If you work with your data in the cloud, excel spreadsheets, Google docs or a hard drive, that’s not a problem.

We can even pull it directly from your website.

What is a live feed?

A live-hosted feed means that the data is live and will be pulled straight from your feed ensuring your ads will change automatically in line with any updates to your inventory.

Using a live-hosted feed will guarantee that your ads are always up-to-date and that your budget will never be wasted.

How much work do I need to do?

Uploading your feed to the Fluid Ads platform is a simple and straightforward process. You only need to do the work once and your ads will always be correct.

By connecting your entire feed to the platform all of your inventory will be housed in one place. To run separate campaigns based on specific product lines or offers, you simply need to filter on a campaign basis.

Importantly when uploading your feed, we don’t require you to use a specific format, as our technology is agnostic. We can simply pull the data from wherever it sits.

Using In-Feed Ads with Fluid Ads is a simple, straightforward and intuitive process.

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