8 Retargeting techniques to convert engaged users

Most digital marketers recognise that only 2% of users convert on the first visit to a website. The same goes for every marketer realising the importance of retargeting techniques to engage with the 98% that didn’t convert. Remember, the click-through rate on a retargeted ad is on average 10 times higher than a standard display ad.

Understanding the theory is one thing, but we need to make the right actions to drive conversions – here are our 8 things to use as a starting point.

1. Build beautiful ads

This is a no-brainer really. You’re attempting to re-engage with a user that has viewed your website, interacted with your content, or is an existing customer. You must show your brand in the best possible way. That means your images need to stand out. Your call to action needs to be enticing and your choice of URL must be considered. Cramming your ad with everything you think could be relevant simply won’t work.

2. Segment your audience

We talk about this one a lot at FluidAds. You won’t drive a higher CTR with retargeting ads by blanket targeting every website visitor with the same ad.

Segment your audience according to where they land onsite. This could be users viewing your homepage to understand more about your business, researching a category of products to make their choice, or viewing one product to check on price. Segmenting your audience in this way in line with what their actions detail about their mindset will help you tailor your ads to their needs.

3. Provide users with more information

Retargeting is an extremely valuable way to guide users through their purchase journey with you. Which means you can’t always jump to conversion tactics if your users aren’t yet ready for them.

However, you can keep them engaged by offering up more information about your business and your products through your approach to retargeting. If a user lands on your homepage for example, give them more information in your ads. If they engage with a blog post, direct them to a relevant category of products.

By keeping a user close and engaged throughout their journey you’ll work with them until that final conversion.

4. Retarget on a product level

Conversions ultimately are based on the compelling nature of your product, your price point, how they can help your customers, as well as the saliency of your brand. That means that when it comes to driving conversions through retargeting, product retargeting should be an essential tool in your strategy.  Product retargeting or remarketing ensures that when a user views a particular product on your site, they will be targeted with an ad illustrating that exact product.

Having the capability to do it is one thing, how you approach product retargeting will be essential for your conversions.

5. Provide an enticing offer

There are a couple of reasons why a user didn’t purchase a product after viewing it on your site, or even leaving it in their basket. The first is that they’re not ready to part with their cash yet. Ask yourself what can you do to help them be ready. The offer or deal you provide them on that exact product, or the messaging you use in the next ad they see could be all they need to get them over the line.

6. Illustrate how your product can help

The second reason a user may not have purchased the product after viewing it is because they don’t fully understand how it can help them. Ads that illustrate key product benefits and USPs can be a powerful retargeting tactic. If you get your messaging right.

7. Upsell to existing customers

How are you interacting and communicating with your existing customers? Social media? Email?

The issue with email lists is users can eventually become unresponsive. When done correctly, retargeting can be a powerful tactic to re-engage with existing customers and upsell your products. When implementing this approach you will need to consider very carefully the products you choose to upsell and the messaging.

The right language and call to action are crucial.

8. Keep ads up to date

You know how powerful product remarketing can be. You’ve created beautiful ads and worked hard on your messaging. It could all be for nothing if you them remarket products that are out of stock or with incorrect deals and offers. Automating the process by connecting your data feed to your ads will ensure this will be a mistake that you simply don’t make. This method keeps your budget fully optimised on relevant ads.

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