How Retargeting supercharges customer consideration for Retailers

You’ve done some of the hard work – increased traffic to your website, and you know that users are better engaging with your products and viewing your content.

But that doesn’t immediately boost your conversion rate. That’s why we take a look at how retargeting can supercharge customer consideration. Unfortunately for you and other online retailers, only 2% of users will convert on the first visit to your site. The other 98% of consumers have a chance of converting, but only if you nurture them and work hard to engage with them in their ‘consideration’ phase.

Tactics that you should be employing

There are a couple of tactics that you should be performing at this stage to assist potential customers and guide them through your funnel to conversion.

1. Get your onsite content right

The first is your onsite content. Once someone lands on your site, you want them to keep coming back to find what they need and to get answers to their questions. Fashion retailers should be providing information on the latest trends and looks, that’s a given. Health food retailers need to be giving further info on specific products and fitness regimes or the latest industry trends.

Whatever your area of expertise, content creation is something you should always invest in. It helps you engage with prospective customers, tap into how they’re feeling and build a long-term relationship with them. But it’s not your only tactic.

2. Retarget website users through digital display ads

If you know a user has interacted with your website without converting, retargeting is a fundamental tactic to draw them back to your site for a second chance to win them over. If they’ve looked at a category of products or one specific product (they may have even abandoned products in their basket), serving them with a relevant ad with an enticing offer or call to action, could be all that’s needed to pull them back in to ultimately make a purchase.

When retargeting is implemented effectively, it can begin to drive your website conversions.

Supercharging the Consideration Phase

These two tactics are just the basics. To get the most out of your advertising, it’s key to supercharge your mid-funnel and drive customers through to conversion.

Retargeting with Fluid Ads

The retargeting capabilities from Fluid Ads ensures your advertising can work harder to supercharge your mid-funnel. Here’s how:

Engage with your audience where they spend their time online

Customers don’t differentiate where they spend their time online, meaning it’s important that you don’t either. Having viewed one of your products, they may browse other websites, check the news and toggle between social media platforms. It’s important for you to be there in each of these moments to keep your message consistent and relevant.

Fluid Ads has the capability to integrate directly into multiple ad server systems, display networks and soon to be Facebook properties. What that means for you is that there is just one place to create all your campaigns and define your audience targeting, without the inconvenience of having to copy ad tags to fit with multiple systems. You’ll be super-efficient and cost effective. Crucially you’ll be always on for your audience.

Drill down to your audience intent

The specific page a user engages with within your site will signify their individual intent. A homepage visit may illustrate that they may want to learn more about what you do. If it’s a product category, they may be browsing or comparing price across numerous retailers. For a specific product, a potential customer might be considering a purchase, trying to find out more information or checking out the price.

If you can them retarget them with a relevant and contextualised ad focused on their intent, you’ll drive a higher click through and conversion rate.

Fluid Ads provides the opportunity to record whatever data you wish for the purposes of retargeting, whether that relates to products viewed, category pages engaged with, blog posts read, and products abandoned in a basket. By segmenting your audience in this way, you can become super-targeted with your ad strategy ensuring users only see an ad that is hyper-relevant, trimming wastage and boosting performance in the process.

Make your ads work harder

If you’ve done the hard work by segmenting your audience and ensuring you can engage with them on multiple platforms, this could all go to waste if your ad template doesn’t showcase your brand or your products in the best possible way.

Ad templates offered by display networks can be clunky with little flexibility for products, images and messaging. Is this the best way to engage with your audience?

The Fluid Ads Ad Builder enables retailers to build beautiful, feature rich, multi-shape HTML5 ads. With proven engagement rates we have many templates to choose from to best display your products and showcase your brand, with flexibility on images and available space for text.

Crucially, multiple ads can be created in minutes, driving efficiencies within your creative team and immediately trimming the need for expensive ad creative. That means more ads, greater efficiencies and more available budget to spend on your campaigns. Sounds like supercharging.

Retargeting is just one of the ways that  Fluid Ads can enhance the performance of your digital display campaigns and boost the effectiveness of your advertising. Check out our top 10 tips to becoming a retargeting pro or contact us today to learn more about how we can revolutionise your ad strategies.

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