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Plan digital advertising around your customer’s mindset

By tapping into how your consumers are feeling at the time they engage with your ads, you’ll stand out in a competitive environment. Crucially, you will enjoy lower CPAs, higher CTR and ultimately drive conversions for your business.

When it comes to your customers’ mindset, it will depend on a number of things including where they are up to in their purchase journey, as well as how external factors such as the time of day or even the weather might make them feel. This is a quick summary on how you can plan digital advertising around it.

Catering to the purchase journey 

Retargeting should be one of your top tactics to engage with potential customers. The fact that they’ve landed on your site indicates your brand and products are of interest to them.

However, simply retargeting all users with the same blanket message won’t account for their different mindsets. Importantly, it won’t work either.

Segmenting your audience depending on where they land on your site and what they interact with is key.

For example, if they land on your homepage or engage with some of your content, they’ll likely be in the research phase. A homepage visitor may want more top level brand information, while a user reading an in-depth blog post may require additional information about the category of products mentioned in the post. Understanding this mindset ensures you retarget them with the right tailored message.

Those users that view a category of products or look at a specific product will likely be close to the end of their purchase journey. Understanding this mindset and their desire for certain products means that the right approach to product retargeting could be all that’s needed for them to convert.

The number of times a user returns to site and how often they engage with a certain area onsite will also be key to help illustrate their mindset.

Understanding external factors 

Think about how people search online.

A morning commute may be spent looking at news sites or catching up on social media. A lunch break could be the time to shop quickly, while the evening will be spent browsing online, second screening and toggling between any number of sites and devices.

These are all opportunities to get your ads in front of your potential customers, but it’s clear that the same messaging won’t suffice. For your ads to be relevant and high-performing they’ll need to cater to these different moments and mindsets.

The weather, political events and even the outcomes of sporting events for example can all impact how your users are feeling and their desire for certain things.

Brands that are able to automatically change their ads in line with this by using dynamic ads are those that will cut through in a crowded and competitive market.

Approaching your customer’s mindset holistically 

Combining these two tactics can result in digital display campaigns that are tailored, targeted and that engage with your users in the best possible way in the moments that matter.

Contact Fluid Ads today to find out how dynamic ads and retargeting can help you cater to the individual mindset of your consumers and revolutionise your digital advertising strategy.

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