Fluid Ads Launches New Brand Identity

Digital Advertising specialists, Fluid Ads, have just launched a new brand that better supports the creative, dynamic and strategic way that the company is driving results for clients.

The new brand, which launched in Autumn 2023, was built to better portray the true nature of Fluid Ads and how it’s supporting clients with their digital display campaigns.

George Dann, Fluid Ads CEO, said: “At the foundation of our new design we have a water effect. Not only are we ‘Fluid’ Ads, but in recent times we’ve been making waves in digital advertising, and we wanted to convey this across everything we do.”

Alongside the new colours and new water effect imagery, a selection of animals have also been introduced into the mix.

George explained, “When we were exploring how Fluid Ads supports its customers, we realised that there is no one way that we do that. Every client is different, and over the years we have utilised a vast array of strategies and tactics to get our clients the results they want.

“Just like every species across the animal kingdom, our ads always have unique strengths that work in the way our clients need them to.

“Whether it’s exceptionally creative designs, innovative call to actions, the right layer of tactics or a considered strategic approach, and whether you are working with our Managed Service team or our SaaS platform, there is a wealth of possibilities that Fluid Ads gives to clients, and we’re delighted that we can now show this more pictorially.

“I’m sure our animals will be growing in numbers over time, and we can’t wait to share our playful side with the world, enticing them to push the boundaries of what digital display advertising can offer.”

From the wise owl to the endurance of penguins, the strength, agility and resilience of animals mirror the power of ads from Fluid Ads.

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