How to create ads that will engage with millennials online

Millennials, including post-millennials, can be a difficult group to engage with online. They’re tech savvy, having grown up with technology, they understand when they’re being targeted by brands, they are careful with their data and are aware of their online value.

Put simply they can sometimes be a nightmare for brands trying to get their message out there but only when these brands do so in the wrong way. By adopting the right strategy and approach to digital advertising you can still effectively engage with millennials online and ensure they’re a valuable source of revenue for your business.

84% of millennials don’t trust advertising 

This means that they will either ignore your ads or potentially block them. It’s therefore vital to create ads that stand out from your competition and best reflect your brand.

You will need to ensure that your ads are relevant to how your audience is feeling at that current time and in line with their changing mindset. They may be looking for something specific on their lunch break or have a desire for your product because of a change in the weather for example.

Ads that are tailored and relevant will more likely grab their attention and drive higher CTRs, meaning a lower CPA and better performance from your campaigns.

23% of millennials like to read blogs and research before they buy

What this tells us is that millennials aren’t impulse shoppers. They like to take their time searching online and engaging with sites until they find what they’re looking for.

As a brand it’s your job to help them in their search, which means targeting them with ads that will assist them with finding what they’re looking for.

If you become useful your ads will be essential. Targeting users based on the keywords they’ve searched for as well as retargeting those that have already engaged with one of your blogs is the first step. Just make sure that your ads are useful and contain the necessary information to keep them engaged.

90% of millennials are on Facebook 

They’ve grown up with the platform and still use it day-to-day as one of their go-to social networks.

For advertisers, it’s crucial to reach this audience where they spend their time online, driving the need for campaigns to run cross-channel through display advertising and Facebook ads, as well as other social media platforms.

49% of millennials see shopping as a social activity rather than a necessity

Customer experience is therefore crucial. This applies to both your online experience as well as in-store, meaning that each and every consumer touchpoint should be consistent and on message.

Your ads therefore need to reflect your brand style and tone of voice, but they also need to enhance the customer experience.

When a user views a category of products, your retargeting efforts should feel like the natural next step – that means ads that provide more information and options around this category.

If they’ve viewed a specific product, retargeting them with the same product with a deal or offer will be an extension of the experience and could be what’s needed for them to convert.

Segmenting your audience and ensuring the relevancy through product retargeting should be a key tactic and central to your approach to customer experience.

More than 85% of millennials own smartphones 

This is a no-brainer, making it essential to ensure that your digital display campaigns run cross device.

It also means that there is the potential to engage with this audience in a physical space by targeting them through geofencing when on the move and close by to one of your locations. Or even one of your competitors.

If you want to engage with this valuable audience online, boost the efficiency of your digital display ads and enhance your online marketing strategy contact us today to learn more.


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