How digital display advertising can benefit recruitment

It is every recruiter’s ideal situation for candidates to apply for a job posting immediately after their initial glance, however, that is not usually the case; even when deploying a solid recruitment strategy.

Most people involved in the hiring process agree that finding the highest-level of candidates is becoming increasingly difficult. According to Manpower, almost a third of employers state the main reason for not filling roles is the lack of applicants, whilst 27% say candidates lack the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the organisation.

Traditional recruiting methods such as posting on job boards can, and often does provide recruiters with lots of applicants, however, more applicants do not always result in higher quality candidates.

To try and increase the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns, digital display advertising tactics can be used to cleverly deploy various messages. These digital display ad tactics can build brand awareness and directly target known locations where potential candidates reside or even a competitor’s employees with precise messaging.

A digital display recruitment strategy is a fantastic addition to traditional recruitment methods such as social media and job board advertising. By focusing on identifying, engaging, and converting potential candidates with digital display advertising software you can deliver the right messages to target audiences. Digital display advertising can hugely increase the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns.

Digital display advertising allows recruiters to specifically focus on a target audience by using demographics such as age, location, hobbies, interests, and online behaviour to further increase the chance of attracting the best candidates. For example, if a company is looking for a junior sales analyst, they could target candidates that have recently searched for ‘sales analyst job’ or ‘junior sales analyst salary’; the targeting options for digital display advertising are extensive and contribute to better quality applications and hires.

It is estimated that up to 80% of a workforce could be described as a passive candidate. This is a substantial number of potential applicants waiting to be lured away by a better offer. Reaching passive job seekers can play a pivotal role in any recruitment campaign. Passive candidates tend not to use search engines and look on job boards for a potential new employer.

So, how does a company attract them?

Digital display advertising is the answer, it allows organisations to attract passive candidates by publishing job advertisements on all websites, apps, and other online platforms that ideal candidates frequently visit giving you more reach.

When browsing the web or using mobile devices, people can easily get distracted, whether it is a message from a friend or a notification from social media. If someone has clicked away from your job advert, it does not always mean that the role wasn’t enticing or that your images or content were not good enough, it could be simply that they were distracted by one of many distractions in this modern world where people are competing for attention. Digital display advertising software can facilitate the use of retargeting to allow you persuade potential candidates to have another look or remind them that the job is still available.

Create ads that share your company’s values, generate interest, and gain a reputation of being a great company to work for. Hopefully, the next time your ideal candidate is looking for a new job, your company will spring to mind.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the recruitment sector. Some industries such as leisure and hospitality are not faring well but positively there has been a surge in demand within IT, Healthcare, Logistics and Finance. Recruiters providing quality candidates during this time will stand against the test of time.

Whatever your recruitment needs, digital display advertising enhances every recruitment marketing strategy to drive quality applications.

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