How A Fundraising Marketing Agency Can Help Your Charity

Are you trying to raise funds, increase sponsorship and boost awareness of your charity?

In a world where digital marketing is competitive and saturates online platforms, it can be difficult to make your charity’s marketing campaigns stand out. Yet a fundraising marketing agency can help your charity raise the funds it needs to make a difference. 

It’s important to know what area of digital marketing you want to focus on and that depends largely on where your audience is the most and what budget is available. For those wanting to advance in digital marketing but with extremely low budgets, take a look at whether you could take advantage of Google’s Ad Grants. $10,000 is granted to each qualified not-for-profit you can upskill internal employees to take advantage or use an agency to manage your PPC ads and grow from there.

For others, the age old question of whether to run campaigns in-house with the right tech or use partners to facilitate these initiatives comes up. Both have pros and cons so it comes down to your own business requirements on what is going to complement your business best going forward.

How A Fundraising Marketing Agency Can Help Your Charity

If you’re sure you want to go through the agency route, get a shortlist of agencies together so you can compare. At Fluid Ads we flex our expertise in digital advertising so we’re going to share how a fundraising marketing agency can help your charity today.

According to the most recent Charity Landscape Report, only 41% of charity leaders are adopting online fundraising methods and only 24% report having the knowledge to truly make online fundraising effective, with many feeling the lack of time or skill to implement as the primary reasons for not adopting a digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing can play a pivotal role for non-profit organisations and charities looking to increase their fundraising efforts. It can increase brand and cause awareness, help with the recruitment of new voluntary workers and reach audiences other methods of marketing simply couldn’t reach.

Whether you’re hoping to increase awareness of a new cause or crisis, recruit new volunteers or are trying to increase donors, Fluid Ads can advise on the most cost effective and efficient marketing methods to reach your goals.

Leverage The Power Of Display Advertising

Global expenditure on digital advertising is projected by Zenith to increase from $705 billion in 2021 to $873 billion in 2024. Display advertising refers to the process of advertising your charity via the use of videos or graphics on websites, apps or social media.

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