High quality lead generation without the fuss

What are the biggest marketing challenges facing business today? For the majority of businesses, 65% in fact, generating traffic and leads is their number one marketing challenge. That’s above illustrating ROI, securing enough budget and managing the day to day operations of your website.

The importance of lead generation

It’s no surprise that for 74% of companies, converting leads into customers is their top priority.

So, with that in mind what do you want your lead generation to do?

The first answer is probably to fill your pipeline and to do so with qualified and high quality leads. Even if your marketing team knows exactly how to nurture leads along their journey with you before the sales guys start their jobs, it simply won’t work if you don’t get those leads in the first place.

High quality lead generation

Your top priority is converting leads into customers, but your biggest challenge is how to secure leads in the first place.

It can be simple, and it can be done, with high quality lead generation through digital display. Here are your essentials to instantly upgrade your approach to generating those all-important leads.

1. Tailor the content of your ads

No top level marketer ever stopped with the creation of one ad. Key to your approach in lead generation will be to understand your different customer segments and create ads that are targeted towards that specific audience, with tailored content.

  • Lead generation essential #1: Don’t simply rely on one ad for each segment. Consider how external factors such as the time of day, day of the week, political events and the news agenda can impact the mindset of each of your audience segments and tailor your ads to fit through the use of dynamic ads.
2. Get to know your audience

We mentioned previously about segmenting your audience. What tools are you using to do this? Your website analytics? Your long-standing customer personas? If you’re using digital display to generate leads, it makes sense to dive deep into the performance of your previous display campaigns to further refine your customer demographics.

  • Lead generation essential #2: Drill down into the metrics that matter through Advanced Insights Reporting to segment and define your audience.
3. Clarify your call to action

Every single one of your ads should have a clear call to action and should convey:

  • What you want your audience to do
  • Why they should feel compelled to take that action
  • Where they are going to go once they click on your ad

It’s fundamental for you to understand and define this before you build your ads.

  • Lead generation essential #3: Don’t limit yourself to just one opportunity for the potential lead to click through to your site. For example, if this is the first contact a potential lead has with your business, they may want to go straight to your homepage and understand more about you, or your blog and content output may be of most interest in their research phase, or they may wish to check out your engagement on social media to see how active or even reputable you are. First understand how your audience wants to engage with you and secondly give them multiple options that cater to their specific needs through multi-click ads to reach your conversion goals.
4. Test and learn

To get things right and to drive those high quality leads through digital display, you need to know what works. And you get there by obsessing over your A/B testing until you find a formula that fits. And then what do you do? You test it some more.

  • Lead generation essential #4: While you can test any manner of variables in your ads, including call to action, images, messaging, it’s key to limit the changes you’re testing to one each time to give you valuable data with actionable insights to use in your next campaigns.
5.Think about the 96%

Remember, that 96% of visitors that come to your B2B website aren’t yet ready to buy from you or sign up to your services. They may be checking out what you do, reading your case studies, or catching up on your latest content posts.

It’s crucial to nurture them. First you’ll ensure that they are the right kind of leads to go after and then you’ll have the opportunity to guide them through to purchase, lead capture or whatever your end goal is. Your content approach combined with how you use your landing pages is crucial to this and also your blog and thought-leadership content, but don’t neglect your display ads.

  • Lead generation essential #5: Just because a user has landed on your website, doesn’t mean the lead generation process stops. How you then engage with them is central to your approach to high quality lead generation. Getting your retargeting right at this stage is a crucial step.

Strengthening your lead generation is just one of the ways that the Fluid Ads can enhance the performance of your digital advertising. Contact us today or book a demo to learn more about how we can revolutionise your ad strategies.

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