What is the difference between Geofencing vs. Geotargeting?

How to choose the right tactics to find your target audience for your advertising campaign

What’s the best way to engage with a local audience? Firstly, you need to let them know that your accessible and within very close proximity of them and/or their community. Secondly, it’s vital to show how relevant you are to their needs, and lastly it’s key to get in front of them when they’re on the move and happy to come in and see you.

Where once you may have considered advertising on local radio stations, in the local newspaper, or through out of home, now you can take care of your local advertising strategy digitally. While local SEO, or your social media channels may help you play the long game, digital display is all about the ‘right now’.

And with the right tactics and approach, you can:

  • connect with your core demographic in your local area
  • increase brand awareness
  • drive footfall into your location
  • and even poach potential customers from your competitors

Geo fencing vs. geotargeting

Geotargeting ensures that you can target a specific type of audience in a certain geographic area. For example, you will be able to target male 18-35 year olds, in a specific location based on criteria including address, zip code or in line with a specific landmark.

Your digital advertising spend will only go towards targeting that definitive demographic in that area. Remember, you aren’t showing your ad to everyone in the location, only those that match your criteria.

Think of geo fencing as retargeting in a physical space. You define your own location by drawing a digital “fence” around it. Once users pass through this area in real-time, you place a digital marker on them and serve them with ads on whatever device they’re using such as their smartphone or tablet.

Making the right choice

Both of the approaches can be used to get your message out to potential customers on a local level. Here we help you choose the most suitable strategy for your needs.

Engaging with potential customers on the move

Geo fencing is the ideal tactic to do this. Once users enter your digital fence, they will receive your ads on whatever device they’re using. If they’re close by, the right deal, offer or product in your ad could get them through the door and ready to buy.

Driving a defined category of customer in store for a specific deal

If your objectives are to engage with a certain type of customer in your local area by providing them with a relevant offer for their needs, geotargeting should be your chosen approach.

Serving your competitors’ customers with a relevant ad

You can use geo fencing to poach potential customers from your competitors. Remember, you have the ability to choose the exact position where you draw your fence, meaning this can be done around one of your competitors’ locations or other locations you know your potential customers may visit. When users enter those locations, you’ll know they have intent to buy, but a relevant ad with a better deal from your business could be all the motivation they need to visit you instead.

Pulling previous customers back to store

Returning customers will be so important to the future of your business. While you can use tactics like retargeting to engage with previous visitors to your website, geo fencing enables you to do the same thing with people that have previously visited your store in person. Simply create a fence around your location to capture the data of those visitors and message them after a few days, with an enticing offer to bring them back.

Creating a brand awareness campaign on a local level

A combination of both tactics could work in this instance, with geotargeting engaging with users that fit your key demographic and geo fencing getting the message out to anyone close by to your location.

Standing out from the crowd

Whenever you’re advertising on a regional basis to a localised audience, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd through the offers and deals you provide and the products you stock.

But that’s just the start; the right combination of geolocation technology in your advertising strategy creates the opportunity to really be in the forefront of your consumers’ minds. With a more tailored and targeted strategy brings with it higher-performing ads and more effective campaigns.

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