Fluid Ads offers enhanced Feed Ads for product inventory in-platform

Updated Feed Ads capabilities enhances campaign efficiency and boosts performance.

Fluid Ads is the go-to digital display advertising platform promising specialist and tailored services for marketers.

Developments to the platform have seen increased functionality and a market-leading offering around the capabilities of Feed Ad technology.

Fluid Ads’ Ad Builder tool automatically creates all size versions from one Ad built in-platform meaning a campaign that previously took a week to build now takes an hour. The innovative use of Feed Ads has further enhanced the efficiencies promised by the Ad Builder.

Feed Ads pull information from an external source (CSV, XML, as well as direct integrations) and allocate it into specific elements in the Ad design. It takes dynamic content from an inventory source and feeds it into digital display ads. Meaning users of the Ad Builder only ever have to create one banner Ad.

The use of Feed Ads ensures that it changes automatically to reflect changes to stock, price, offers, odds or inventory. As soon as anything changes on the external source, so does the content of the Ad.

Only what is relevant and available to customers is promoted. No time and money is wasted manually updating ads, while Ad spend can be optimised by filtering feeds to an exact audience. The right Ad is always shown to the right user at the right time.

Users of the platform do not overspend on their marketing and advertising budget and so have the time to focus on other tasks while their Ads update automatically.

The use of Feed Ad technology has also revolutionised Fluid Ads approach to Geofencing. Users implementing Geofencing campaigns across multiple locations are able to pull multiple addresses into the platform as a feed and automatically place a fence around them. Nothing is done manually and campaigns can be set up in minutes.

Campaign accuracy is ensured, promising smooth and seamless campaign activation across multiple sites, without the need for any additional hardware or software installation in any of the locations.

John Robinson, Managing Director at Fluid Ads said: “We are continually looking at new ways to ensure our users enjoy enhanced efficiencies when it comes to building their Ads and setting up their campaigns. Not only that, our new solutions around the capabilities of feeds will also ensure enhanced campaign performance.”

The Fluid Ads platform provides end-to-end display campaign management – Create, Target, Deliver, Report all in one platform. A single solution for marketers looking to compete, challenge the status quo and secure campaign performance.

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