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Drive quality recruitment for teachers and prospective students

The education sector has undertaken a drastic change from the effects of the pandemic in 2020 which for some are still rippling through in 2021.

There have been various lockdowns and globally there are many restrictions still in place that have affected 90% of the world’s students.

This disruption has created many immediate challenges for schools and universities such as the switch to remote learning. Understandably under the circumstances, many were not prepared for online teaching and learning or the challenges that come with it. From ensuring the right equipment is in place to having material ready for online classes.

The uncertainty at the start of 2020 coinciding with the virtual switch in classes has caused delays in students’ learnings. Exploring ways for students to catch-up is key for future exam results along with ensuring new Covid-19 regulations and adhered to.

Whilst the education sector is grappling with changes to the status quo, there are two main challenges at the forefront for success. Enrolment targets and recruiting the right talent.

So how do you go about obtaining quality prospective students for enrolment?

Due to the volume of prospects it’s near impossible to tailor individual approaches to prospective students. Open days must, for the short term, become virtual and with traditional methods of promoting these becoming more and more wasteful. Advertising in print and using outdoor media has always had poor trackable value with the younger audience migrating to online in greater numbers.

This has naturally paved the exploration of online opportunities such as social media and display advertising. However, some digital channels do fare better than others.

Social media is often limited with policies on what can and cannot be shared and so the topics generally communicated around are school events, updates and closures. This isn’t the most tantalising experience for drawing prospective students in.

The UK reported in recent years there has been a shortfall of 3000 teachers but the economic effects of the pandemic could reduce teacher shortages by 40%. This means there is a huge recruitment drive for teachers but the challenge will be in hiring the right talent in order to achieve better results and funding.

Colleges and universities are looking at new ways to identify quality prospective students and teachers. The increase in online audiences in 2020 will see many look to take advantage of online opportunities.

Finding the right audience online and capturing their interest with persuasive content is key. Display advertising targets quality prospects with relevant creatives at its most simple level but there are various intelligent tactics that can be put to use to ensure you drive quality.

Some examples for driving quality recruitment and prospective students:

  • Use compelling creatives with your USPs to Geofence the postcodes on your competitions open days. This will target quality students looking to enrol
  • Create Ads for your job vacancies and bid on keywords pertaining to that role so that your Ad is only shown to people searching for those roles. The same can be said if you want to offer virtual tours, scholarships and programmes, you can bid on keywords that students use when looking to enrol.
  • By using a combination of Geotargeting and specific keywords, you can target Ad creatives to your local community, only showing people searching those keywords

When prospects have been identified it’s important schools and universities utilise this data to personalise communications through Retargeting. This can help to drive applications and maintain the enrolment numbers required.

There are many different display advertising scenarios that can successfully target the right audience depending on your immediate goals.

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