Digital marketing agencies for charities

While many charities operate under a “non-profit” framework, that doesn’t mean they are any less sensitive to the demands of regular business planning.

After all, administrative costs, salaries, and outreach expenditure must be planned for and met.

Furthermore, as charities live and breathe based on the strength and exposure of their justified cause, marketing is an essential investment to get right.

But as good charities intend to ensure that the maximum amount of money is placed in the development and support of a given purpose, it’s important to note the value of digital marketing for charities, maximising exposure in the best way, is important to get right.

Thankfully – the advent of the internet and online socialising has allowed organisations of all shapes and sizes to truly outdo themselves in terms of reach. This means that even small non-profit initiatives have a chance to appeal on a truly global stage, accepting donations and using that to generate revenue for their cause.

With the development of additional technologies such as cryptocurrency holdings, charities have even more choice in widening the capabilities through which they are able to accept generous donations.

It’s true to say that in 2022 and beyond, a digital strategy has and will remain the cornerstone of generating exposure and that’s the key to generate more donations and keep loyal donors. In this post, we hope to discuss how digital marketing, and the services provided by digital marketing companies, can help your charity raise funds, increase sponsors, and generate more reach.

Why digital marketing?

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Digital marketing is no longer the plucky younger brother of more conventional marketing techniques – it has come to dominate the advertising space and brings in billions of dollars in revenue each year.

During the Covid-19 pandemic up to the present day, digital marketing has increasingly become the most utilised investment space by volume of marketing sold, some estimates suggesting it curated 46% of all ad spend during 2021.

It’s clear to see why, as the general population was placed into tight lockdowns, all of a sudden the main reach of businesses and the avenues of exposure changed drastically.

Charities are in a unique position in that often, their presence and appeals are expected. We do not expect charities to be as predatory as continual business marketing can sometimes be, because we understand our donations are being placed in service of a good cause. 

As such, the chance of a charity leveraging the social sphere with attention-grabbing images, targeted outreach, and more is thoroughly heightened by the advent of excellent charity digital marketing techniques.

Digital marketing is also a great way for charities to connect with their audience, as a means of opening up the stories and initiatives a non–profit is focused on solving. 

Rather than simply encouraging donations or only providing the human stories behind your charitable initiatives in more conventional marketing, digital methods allow you to provide an easily interacted-with and developing narrative surrounding your efforts. As such, charities and digital marketing efforts go hand-in-hand.

What are the different types of digital marketing, and how can they remain relevant to charities?

There are many kinds of digital marketing efforts worth using in 2022 and beyond. Some of them may seem separate, but all disciplines work towards a cohesive whole aimed at providing the maximum amount of exposure across their website and social media platforms.

Of these, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and display advertising are known to be the most effective for charities. Let’s have a little look at what each discipline provides:

Search engine optimisation


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SEO is the practice of ensuring a website, content and outreach are formatted in such a manner that search engines (like Google) are incentivised to place your website higher in their search return ranking lists, especially in a local context. Content writers, SEO agencies, and web developers work in tandem to ensure best SEO practices are provided. Google is the most used search engine in the world, most SEO practices are primarily focused on ranking on Google but it’s worth noting what your key audiences use as Bing, Yahoo, Baidu are also used but not to the same extent as Google .

Social media marketing

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Social media has become the benchmark through which our social lives, news consumption, and daily discussions are mediated. Marketing is advantageous here because strong material can be ‘shared’ exponentially between user profiles, providing much more outreach than you would have achieved otherwise. Furthermore, targeting particular demographics is possible.

Content marketing

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Content marketing involves the use of stories, images, and formatting to provide emotive incentives for potential donations. Graphic design, content writing, and press releases all fall under this banner.

Email marketing

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Email marketing is a great way to keep previous donors in-the-loop, while also providing essential materials through the use of newsletters and ‘sales funnel’ techniques.

Display advertising

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By far the most useful technique in the digital marketing space is digital display advertising. 

Digital display advertising uses graphics to display promotions as part of website banners, apps, social media timelines, and more to provide an easily-viewable, interesting, and attention-grabbing first exposure to your advertising material.

In tandem with advertising ID tracking, you will be able to provide the maximum visual impact towards would-be donators or volunteers. Once online users click on a display ad, they will be taken to a specific page on a website.

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