Benefits of using a banner ad creator

Build HTML ads without coding

Previously you’d have needed a developer to create an HTML5 advert, but with advancements in ad design platforms, a designer or marketer can design an ad and the coding is done in the background. The output is a web-based ad that is supported by every type of browser and operating system so your ad can be distributed via any device accessing the internet.

Create display ads faster

Ad builders are intuitive software that are proficient at designing striking ads for both experienced ad designers and those starting the digital ad journey.
Good ad builder platforms tend to have extensive libraries filled with well-designed ad templates. If brand control is important, ad builders will let you create bespoke ads or ad templates from scratch so you know brand consistency is protected.
The platform enables you to constantly monitor your ad and make tweaks based on feedback and interactions as and when you need to with minimal disruption. You can even create multi-click ads, multi-lingual ads that can target different landing pages or websites as you desire.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads use external factors to dynamically change ad content to generate the right messaging at the right time. External factors include time, weather, users preferred language, search history and stock price movements to name a few. Using data to influence and dynamically change ad design and content allows the ad to match the target audience’s mood and increases the likelihood of improved CTR.

Feed Ads

Feed ads or In-feed ads gives marketers the functionality to link product listings and stock levels by bringing in a live data source which is connected to your ads. Feed ads ensure you don’t waste ad budgets advertising products that are out of stock or that have changed price.
Data feed ads gives you the capability to create ads for your entire inventory in minutes and automatically stops advertising products that are out of stock and can dynamically change stock that is relevant to the user.

Targeted Ads

Knowing where to best place your ad can be tricky; you want to target your ideal customer but finding out their online behaviour to locate them to place your ad isn’t something you can identify in a jiffy. Instead, choosing an ad platform that is adept at marketing and honing down on your niche is likely going to be your best way of reaching the right people at the right time, thanks to an expansive network of websites at their disposal.
The Fluid Ads platform has many ways you can target an audience, from age, gender, search history and past online behaviour to name a few.
The Geofencing ads function allows you to target people using their real life movements. Once a location is determined, the feature allows you to draw a geofence on a map. Once people enter the area, they can be targeted for up to 30 days after leaving it. Bookmakers can target sports events with live ads, recruitment companies can target academic institutions, car dealers can target their competitors locations; the possibilities are endless.

Retargeting Ads

Everyone knows that the first visit is unlikely to convert into a sale. In fact, a significant number of users need another visit to make that purchase. An ad platform can allow retargeted ads that evolve to match the user’s behaviours and choices and create a compelling ad that will keep the interest piqued. Your ad will be kept visible and engaging right until the desired action has been achieved and you get your results without being repetitive and invasive.

Proven engagement rates

If you want to take the guesswork out of your targeted ads, then an ad platform can offer you the power to not only create high performing ads easily, but also generate those clicks, leads or sales exactly where you need them.
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