6 tips to increase mobile display advertising performance

Mobile display advertising is set to be the future of digital advertising

Mobile ad spend has been increasing year on year since 2007, suggesting that it will soon become the most popular method of digital advertising in the not so distant future.

Optimising digital display advertising for mobile is a fundamental factor in increasing display advertising performance and it is essential that display ads look creative and engaging on all screen sizes. This article is designed to provide information on how to make the most effective display ads for mobile.

Getting your mobile display ad strategy correct is essential in an age where mobile usage is becoming increasingly more popular. Making the distinction between mobile display advertising and desktop display advertising is vital for achieving success in display ad campaigns.

Mobile display advertising plays an important role in digital marketing. They are usually engaging, enticing and dynamic banners that appear on websites, apps and mobile games.

Mobile display advertising is quickly becoming the most lucrative method of display advertising as mobile usage increases year on year and consumers are spending more time on mobile devices than ever before. Due to the smaller space available, mobile display ads must be optimised effectively to achieve the same success as their desktop and tablet counterparts.

The key aspects to increase mobile display performance is having a good balance between an appealing and enticing design, an effective call to action combined with being innovative, engaging and flexible to suit your target audience and reduce banner blindness.

Making effective mobile display ads isn’t that difficult and the reality is, with a few simple tricks you can become very effective at creating ads that are engaging and perfect for your target audience.

To help you be more effective when using mobile display advertising, we have created some tips to accelerate your performance and become a successful mobile display ad marketer.

1. Accommodate for changes in consumer behaviours

The global Covid-19 pandemic brought unprecedented changes to consumer behaviour and the amount of time people spend online, both increased dramatically as most people are confined to their homes and have more time on their hands. In this day and age, brands need to be attracting and engaging with consumers across all devices and channels, particularly the most frequently used ones. For example, a consumer using a desktop could be retargeted with abandoned cart items on mobile and vice versa.

To learn more about tapping into consumer behaviours check out our guide on understanding customer intent.

2. Use mobile design as a foundation for creating display ads

As mobile usage increases year on year, a display ad is more likely to be viewed on mobile, therefore designing your banner ads for mobile first and then expanding out to the larger sizes will ensure your display ads are as appealing as possible for a growing mobile audience. By adopting this method, you will always ensure you have one of your largest audiences catered for before you move on to the tablet and desktop size banner ads.

3. Integrate videos into mobile display ads

To really capture the attention of your target audience, we recommend adding animated elements to your ads. By having moving elements in your ads, it helps grab the attention of the consumer and engage in them in a way you wouldn’t be able to with a static display ad.

4. Use dynamic data and content

By using dynamic content you can really enhance mobile display ad performance, set yourself apart from your competition and provide the consumer with accurate and relevant information on your sales and offers you are currently running as well as how much stock you have.

5. Automate your ad creation process

Building all the different sizes of display ads manually is a very time consuming process and will send designers crazy. Most display marketers automate some aspects of their ad creation process. Using an ad builder platform that has the capacity to scale from mobile first is a good way to automate the creation of display ads.

6. Optimise your call to action

Having a call to action that is eye catching, visually appealing and designed in a way it makes the user want to click can be the best addition to a mobile display ad. We recommend using a button with a contrasting colour that catches that attention of the user and makes them want to click it. We also recommend having the call to action on the right hand side of the ad due to how most people hold their mobile devices.

Effective mobile display advertising really isn’t that difficult, especially when you have the right tools. Here at Fluid Ads we have worked tirelessly to provide you with an all-in-one ad builder platform that caters to every aspect of digital display marketing.

Fluid Ads are digital advertising enthusiasts with the ultimate platform for businesses to build ads and intelligently target ad campaigns to the right people. Fluid Ads also has a team of experts with complete control to deliver campaigns on your behalf.

To find out more about how we can help you create successful mobile display marketing campaigns, contact us today.

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