6 steps to build customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a key part to the success of your business and if you just came out of lockdown restrictions this is now vital. Repeat customers will be your most valuable business. They may not purchase big every time, but their incremental spend will likely be much more than the one-time big buyer.

So, how do you keep your customers loyal and ensure they keep coming back for more? There are 6 top fundamentals to build customer loyalty:

1. Understand them

It’s crucial to have a full understanding of who your customers are, their interests, and their pain and pleasure points. This will help you continue to provide products that they want as well as engaging with them in the right way, through your content and digital advertising. You’ll also understand which customer demographics are of the most value to your business.

You have a number of methods and data points to get under the skin of your customers including your sales data, website analytics, and the reports from your digital advertising campaigns. The pandemic has caused huge shifts in buying behaviour so making sure you still understand and know how to resonate with previous customers is important.

2. Shout about your values and let your customers align with them

Consumers are attracted to brands that share the same values and believe in the same causes as them. For example 64% of people cite this as the main reason that they have a relationship with a particular brand. This will never be more true than right now, the companies with positive brand signalling throughout the pandemic have fared well.

Your core values will encourage new customers in the first place. In particular, 61% of millennials pay more attention to brands and products with an eco-focus. This is becoming extremely crucial for brands in today’s market.

If you continue to reinforce your message through your brand communications, customers will be more likely to stay and remain loyal. If you can build this into your loyalty programme, you’re on to a winner.

3. Offer a loyalty programme (and make it clear)

Consumers in 2019 expect loyalty programmes. Whilst 84% of consumers are more likely to choose a retailer that has one, 68% of millennials wouldn’t be loyal to a brand that doesn’t have one.

Putting one in place with a genuine incentive for loyalty is the first step, whether it’s discounts, prizes or birthday bonuses.

The next step is to clearly detail to your customers what the benefits of loyalty are. Create a dedicated landing page and explain how the scheme works in the context of your customers’ lives – remember you know them well (point 1) – and how it will truly benefit them. There is so much potential here to create lasting customer loyalty if done right.

4. Ask for customer reviews

Once a customer has bought something, ask for a customer review. Most customers will be willing to provide one, so it’s important you do this whether reaching out on social media or by Retargeting users that have just purchased.

Displaying reviews prominently on your website and advertising will also assist with your brand awareness and brand signalling.

5. Retarget users that have just made a purchase

Retargeting is crucial to guide customers through their path to purchase with you, but it is also a great way to engage with customers that have just converted.

There are a couple of considerations here to assist with brand loyalty. The first is to make sure you don’t continue to retarget that user with the same ad that converted them in the first place. This will just build frustration. Get your burn pixels set up for this.

Secondly, you need to consider what message you provide them with. We’ve already covered the potential for a review, but what can you offer that will make them become a loyal customer? Exclusive discounts? A membership scheme? More information on your core values?

6. Send personalised emails

Customers expect email campaigns once they’ve purchased from you. They know full well what creating an account and providing their email means.

But how can you be different and stand out as well as promote brand loyalty? Personalised emails are a great tactic to do this with exclusive offers and discounts, such as a birthday discount for example.

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