5 reasons why your Retargeting campaigns aren’t working

When done well, Retargeting campaigns can perform up to ten times stronger than standard digital display ads.

Retargeting is essential to guide users through the purchase funnel right the way to conversion and a fundamental part of any digital advertising strategy.

So, why aren’t your campaigns working? Here are five reasons why you might just not be getting it right.

1. No A/B Testing

Never limit yourself to one ad template when it comes to your Retargeting campaigns. You may have data on what has worked in the past from the reporting on your previous campaigns, but you will never be 100% sure what will resonate with your users once your ads are live.

Through the creation of multiple ad variations, you have the option to A/B test as your campaign is up and running to find the right tweaks to boost performance.

Remember, only change one element each time to ensure actionable insights from your testing.

2. Poor creative

Too many brands let themselves down at the final hurdle, with poorly templated ad creative. Don’t fall into that trap.

Today’s users are savvy. They understand all about ad targeting and in some cases experience ad fatigue. That means that your ads simply must stand out, grab their attention and cut through the noise.

The design should be instantly recognisable as your brand and an extension of the customer experience users enjoy on your website and throughout your advertising. A cost-effective solution to build beautiful ads at scale is essential.

3. Disconnect between your ads and your inventory

The automation promised by In-feed ads is critical to ensure a high-performing Retargeting strategy.

Ads that include products, offers or deals that are out of date will only add to an increasingly poor consumer experience provided to your users. Not only will consumers be unable to convert on their product of choice, they will likely switch to another brand that provides them with the customer experience they crave.

In-feed ads will ensure that your entire inventory is connected to your digital display ads through a live-feed meaning that any changes to stock levels, pricing or deals will automatically be reflected in your ads in real-time.

4. Little understanding of the intent of your users

Every user will do something different on your website, with the action they take providing insight on their overall intent with your business at that moment in time.

A user that checks out your homepage will likely want more information on your business. Those that read your blog posts are most probably in the research phase and would potentially benefit from further product information, while those viewing specific products will likely be close to conversion.

The first stage is to ensure that your website analytics are correctly running to track this activity onsite. The next is to tailor your Retargeting message to those users based on their intent and desire. Blanket Retargeting to all users with the same message will result in a lack of performance.

As will continuing to Retarget users with the same ads multiple times despite a lack of conversion. The number of times a user views an ad will also reveal much about their intent to convert; when they haven’t converted after multiple views, it’s time to stop. Frequency caps on ads are essential to ensure you don’t waste your budget in this manner.

5. Lack of precision in your ads

Customers demand a personalised experience from brands, with many consumers simply ignoring those brands that don’t tailor their digital display ads.

For many businesses this lack of precision can lead to poor performance from their Retargeting campaigns.

Retargeting at a product level is therefore crucial. This involves showing the user the exact product they have viewed on your site or left abandoned in their basket. That’s the first step. The next is the ability to do this across your entire product inventory efficiently and cost-effectively to ensure your Retargeting campaigns are continuously running and always tailored to each individual user. The automation promised by In-feed Product ads and dynamic creative will form the basis of this approach.

Fluid Ads will revolutionise your approach to Retargeting. Contact us today to boost your campaign performance.

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