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Retargeting solutions

Many internal marketing teams and even specialist agencies still struggle with the lack of intuitiveness from Google remarketing (which is their Retargeting tool). Campaign creation is confusing and less than seamless, which can ultimately impact the overall success of the campaign.

The lack of tech for building ads also means that brands are left with clunky ads that do little to showcase their brand and products. Is this really going to entice their users to click?

The importance of Retargeting

There is a lot of debate online about the number of users that will convert on their first visit to your website. Some sources have this number as 4%, while it is more commonly cited as 2%.

Either way it is low, meaning that between 96% and 98% of users will need more time and multiple brand engagements to make their way through the purchase funnel right the way to conversion.

The crucial aspect is that you have a lot of work on your hands to get them there. Retargeting is the perfect tactic to do this, enabling you to engage with users that have landed on your site, read your content, viewed products, and even left them abandoned in their baskets.

When done well it will boost campaign performance by as much as 10x compared to standard digital display ads. Unfortunately for advertisers, Google remarketing doesn’t always enable it to be done well.

Retargeting with Fluid Ads

By choosing us brands enjoy a number of features to boost campaign performance including:

1. Creating beautiful and eye-catching ads

By collecting data on your users, segmenting your audience based on intent, retargeting them with related products and doing so with poorly designed templated ads, you’re doing everything right but falling at the final hurdle.

The Fluid Ads Ad Builder enables you to build bespoke on-brand ads at scale that are instantly recognisable to your consumers and provide them with the consistent brand experience that they crave. Crucially you have the ability to build beautiful, feature-rich, multi-shape and multi-format HTML5 ads in minutes, promising an efficient, cost-effective and high-performing solution.

2. Retargeting precisely at a product level

Use Fluid Ads Product Retargeting solution to ensure that your users are served precise, tailored and personalised ads based on the exact product that they viewed on your website. Users will see the ads as soon as they leave your site and browse elsewhere online.

Ensuring that the precise product is included in the ad, will keep it and your brand fresh in their mind, encouraging re-engagement with your site, boosting their chances of conversion, and tackling cart abandonment.

3. Ensuring ads are always up to date

When Retargeting website visitors, it’s essential to keep their interest and engagement high.

Once they receive a retargeted ad they may well click back to site with the intent to view the product again or potentially convert.

A disconnect in the customer journey whereby the product onsite doesn’t match that in the ad will be extremely off-putting for the user. Consider the scenario whereby the product is in fact out of stock, the colour advertised isn’t available, or the specific offer in the ad is no longer running.

The chance of conversion will be lost.

Through the combination of Product Retargeting and In-Feed ads every one of your retargeted ads will always be up to date in line with any changes to your product inventory.

4. Simple campaign execution

You now have the ability to seamlessly and simply connect your entire product inventory to your digital display ads.

Through the creation of a live-feed, every one of your products will be pulled directly from your website and showcased in your digital display ads. Any changes to pricing, stock levels and offers for example will update automatically in real-time.

You just need to create your feed once and enjoy an accurate and precise hands off approach.

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