Product Ads

Our innovative feed solution makes changes automatically, ensuring your adverts are always up to date. This means better results and less work for you.

Fully agnostic feed technology, in-platform, keeps product Ads seamlessly up-to-date without having to re-work the advert creative every time the data changes:

  • Display your entire stock or catalogue listing
  • Bring in live and changing data to your ad creative
  • Use filters to ensure your message is relevant
  • Control digital display activity from a central location
  • Agnostic feeds means the Feed Ads solution can connect to any data source

Product advertising made easy with Feed Ads

Advertising your products through stock ads has never been easier than with Feed Ads from Fluid Ads.

Feed Ads keep digital display activity accurate and relevant, for better efficiency and to ensure online marketing budget is used most effectively. Feed Ads pulls information from an external source and plugs it into specific elements of your Ad design. It takes dynamic content from your inventory source feeding it into your display ads.

Data Feed Ads let you create hundreds of variants within minutes by connecting digital advertising to an ever-changing inventory so your ads update real-time. This means that the products in the Ads are always up to date with a simplified digital advertising strategy that handles any changes or updates to stock, odds, promotions or new inventory.

The content of your ads are updated when anything changes so Ad spend is only ever used to promote what is relevant and available.

The right content in your Ad

Increase the accuracy with Product and Stock Feed-Ads. This type of advertising means elements of the feed are pulled directly and automatically into the Ad. Once set up it’s a hands off approach making the best way to advertise catalogue listings and we can even do that part for you.

The Ad automatically changes to display the most relevant feed content, depending on who is looking at it. This may include a change to a product being presented due to changes in weather, a change in price or odds or stock being removed after it is sold.

Data feeds are perfect for stock based advertising. eCommerce websites and businesses with ever evolving products, inventories or offers can really realise the benefits and reap the rewards from Feed Ads technology.

Who’s using Feed Ads?

Many industries take advantage of the benefits in Feed Ad technology and those making substantial gains are those with lots of changing inventory for example:

  • Real Estate – Pull in properties from your data feed to display in your Ad. Only ever display properties that are available and in a certain proximity of the person viewing the ad.
  • Automotive – Only display vehicles that are still for sale and/or pulling cars from the dealership closest to the person viewing the Ads. Stops wasting budget promoting cars that sold an hour ago.
  • Retail – Promote your products or services, with the latest prices and offers. Increase sales and retarget a certain product to a user who has already viewed that product on your store.
  • Gaming – Automatically updates any changes to live odds
  • Retail – Easily promote ever-changing holiday destinations, availability, prices, offers and images.

Feed Ads powers up businesses where inventory or product details such as price or offers change frequently to make substantial gains in time to market and time spent keeping adverts up to date.

What are the benefits of Feed Ads?

Feed Ads provides efficiency and productivity gains, enabling promotion of up to the second offers in a rapidly changing world. The messaging or products that customers see in the Ads are always up to date and relevant for their needs, driving higher click-throughs and conversions.

The agnostic data feed technology displays data in any format you like – this means there are no restrictions and or requirements to re-purpose data to display in an Ad. We support both CSV and XML feed formats.

Benefit from efficient automation – any changes to pricing, products or deals will automatically update in the Ad in real time. No longer will Ads quickly become out of date when inventory changes.

Make the best use of your Ad spend and filter the feed based on specific audiences, ensuring the target audience will see the product that is best for them at the right time

Do the work once in-platform, provide relevant engagement opportunities to the customer and see digital Advertising ROI increase as Feed Ads technology in our platform takes your Advertising to the next level.

Within the Fluid Ads platform you can:

  • Create a connection to the data feed, apply filters, groups and then sort the feed data results to optimise the display performance
  • Use the feed/filter data when creating Ads to set click-through destinations based on URLs from the feed and pull images. Building data-feed Ads that dynamically update is much easier than you think
  • Quick and easy, it only takes two minutes to build a responsive Ad with one tag for your catalogue no matter how big it is. Data is synchronised between the Ad and inventory. All live inventory data will be injected into the creative ensuring potential customers only see current stock.
  • Creates Ads in every shape automatically so your Ads run on every device whilst Feed Ads seamlessly promotes inventory. The Fluid Ads platform provides the most efficient media buying and customer experience. Boost the efficiency of your digital display campaigns and sign up for your Fluid Ads account today and try the Feed Ads functionality, only pay when you want to make your Ad campaigns live.

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