Media Buying

Buy the best media space so your digital display advertising shows up in the right place at exactly the right time

You have your beautiful digital Ads ready to go but where do you display them and how do you manage your budget for maximum return? With Fluid Ads you can easily buy the right media space to showcase your Ads and drive performance.

  • Find the right places online to show your Ads
  • Build campaigns with Ad Tags that work anywhere
  • Full budget control with complete visibility
  • All major Ad Servers Supported

What is media buying?

An essential component of your digital strategy is acquiring the optimal spaces and times to show your Ads through online real estate including websites, Apps or publishers.

Afterall, there is little point designing a beautiful advert only for it to be seen by the wrong people or at the wrong time. This is why you need a media buying platform and partner.

Media buying made easy with Fluid Ads

Fluid Ads lets you easily buy your media in-platform, removing the need to switch platforms. This means you can build and deliver your campaigns all from one platform, enabling you to get your campaigns to market easily and quickly.

If you are not an expert media buyer, talk to our Customer Success team who will help you define the ideal media placements for your product or service. They can also manage your media buying strategy for you, applying the right optimisation strategies to drive your results to new heights.

The importance of strategic Ad placement

Better click quality necessitates a strategic approach to audience criteria combined with well-thought-out media placements, so you not only attract clicks but foster engagement that drives real results. Once you’ve crafted your targeted message for your audience segments, applying clever digital tactics ensures your Ads shows up only where users are your ideal customer profile. This reduces wasted impressions and builds brand awareness and recognition with real prospects.

Working to constantly optimise your campaign, you can also refine your media buying strategy further, driving more actions and conversions by finding your ideal customers at exactly the right time. To do this you can define suitable placements, which would be indicative of the recipient being in the right mindset to undertake the action you are after, this might be showing up in their leisure time or when they are in ‘researching’ mode. Taking a strategic approach to your media buying will increase the volume of clicks to ‘active sessions’, improving the performance of your Ad campaign.

Multi-tag enabled digital campaigns

Building your digital display Ads in the Fluid Ads platforms, gives you access to Ad Tags that work anywhere. Tags automatically adapt to fill their surroundings, reformatting the creative to display the right size and shape of creative to the user.

Working across multiple devices and browsers. Any changes that need to be made or modified to a creative can be made to your template in the Fluid Ads platform and instantly gets cascaded to the tag. Manage entire campaigns from one tag with the creative working across multiple servers and reporting as one.

Fluid Tags work with all the popular Ad servers.

Transparent pricing ensures highest quality inventory

Keeping track of your media spend is key to driving ROI but it is often a challenge when parenting with Media Buyers. Not with Fluid Ads. Fluid Ads have fully transparent monthly packages to support all budgets and meet the needs of your business. You know where every penny is being spent with our pricing model. Charging a percentage of Ad budget as a fee, means the advertiser gets full transparency on where their Ads are shown, how much they cost and delivers the highest quality inventory for the budget.

Fluid Ads can do more than Media Buying

Fluid Ads has a host of advertising solutions to help create beautiful Display Ads and deliver them to the right people at the right time. Our innovative platform provides a comprehensive, all-in-one solution, that is unique in the market, saving our clients valuable time and resources

Building Ads – Create beautiful eye-catching html5 ads using our Ad-Builder technology.  Or use our in-house design experts to build high performing templates for your brands.

Targeting Ads – With Contextual, Keyword Search, Geofencing, Geolocation and Retargeting options in platform, you can target your ads to exactly the right audience. Our managed service capabilities include social media along with all of the above.

Reporting – Industry leading reporting via custom dashboards, giving you all the insights you need to optimise campaigns and drive results even higher

Fluid Ads caters to all businesses looking to improve their marketing ROI and digital advertising performance. Our team of digital advertising experts are here to take the load off, so you don’t have to stand up a team or utilise huge resources to manage your digital strategy. Alternatively, our self-serve platform, with all the tools you need under one roof, allows you to do-it-yourself.

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