Geotargeting Ads

Geolocation is the most reliable strategic tool to leverage audience engagement, this fundamental data source should underpin your digital strategy.

The majority of marketers will tell you that location based marketing resulted in higher sales. We’ll show you how to optimise your geotargeting strategies and achieve higher customer engagement with your advertising campaigns, delivering growth in customers and growth in sales for your business.

  • Find and target the right users by their location
  • Focus your ad spend on locations you serve to reduce wasted spend
  • Personalise campaigns to increase ad engagement
  • Improve user experience by promoting offers for local audiences

How do Geotargeting Ads work?

Geotargeting works by using information supplied by users (opt-in location services) to determine their location, in order to serve them with geographically relevant messaging.

Digital advertising platforms such as the Fluid Ads platform and Google Ads allow marketers to easily specify a location, or multiple locations, in which they want their ads to show.

Geotargeting Ad Campaigns with Fluid Ads

You can use a number of geo-targeting methods, depending on the scale of your location parameters. Broad parameters can be used like Country, State, City or Town. Or you might want to be more granular and use criteria such as address, zip code, or perhaps a specific landmark. You are then able to put a radius around each location, giving you the opportunity to target audiences that are known to occupy this specific geographic area.

For example you could set up location targeting zones around all the key towns where your best-fit customer resides, or get super targeted by geofencing specific streets or buildings.

It’s an ideal digital marketing tactic to reach as many people as possible in a particular location, increasing your brand awareness and engagement. This increases website traffic fuelling your sales funnel and growing your customer base. Your advertising spend will only be used to target the people within the area you defined.

Sign up for a complimentary Fluid Ads account to try it yourself or book a call with the team for a geotargeting demo.

Fluid Ads can do more than Geotargeting ads

Fluid Ads has a host of advertising tools to help create beautiful Display Ads and deliver them to the right people at the right time. Our innovative platform provides a comprehensive, all-in-one solution, that is unique in the market, saving our clients valuable time and resources

Building Ads – Create beautiful eye-catching html5 ads using our Ad-Builder technology.  Or use our in-house design experts to build high performing templates for your brands.

Targeting Ads – With Contextual, Keyword Search, Geofencing, Geolocation and Retargeting options in platform, you can target your ads to exactly the right audience. Our managed service capabilities include social media along with all of the above.

Media Buying – With integrations to market leading DSPs, we can seamlessly serve your campaigns to exactly the right media placements, to showcase your ads to your best-fit customers

Reporting – Industry leading reporting via custom dashboards, giving you all the insights you need to optimise campaigns and drive results even higher

Fluid Ads caters to all businesses looking to improve their marketing ROI and digital advertising performance. Our team of digital advertising experts are here to take the load off, so you don’t have to stand up a team or utilise huge resources to manage your digital strategy. Alternatively, our self-serve platform, with all the tools you need under one roof, allows you to do-it-yourself.

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