Contextual targeting

Contextual display is high impact, cookie-less advertising, aligned with your consumers’ mindset.

Resonate with your ideal audience and drive your brand recall with beautiful display ads in relevant publisher environments:

  • Boost click-through-rates and conversions with contextual targeting
  • Show your promotions alongside complementary content, targeting people at the right time and while they are in the right mindset
  • Provide a seamless experience to users – your message will be relevant to their current online behaviour, not past search behaviour

What is contextual advertising and how does it work?

Contextual targeting or contextual advertising will place your ad on a website that contains content that is relevant to your ad.

For example, a package holiday provider will have much more success in placing their ads on websites that contain reviews or information relating to specific destinations. An automotive retailer will get much more bang for their buck by showing their ads to users who are reading the reviews of the latest car models. A food retailer will drive better engagement and conversions by placing ads next to recipes, as opposed to clothes.

With so much content online and so many websites dedicated to specific niches, contextual advertising works for any business.

A brand safe environment that builds affinity with the right consumers

The user has actively searched for, found and taken their time to view the content on the webpage. Clearly, they are interested in that topic and a more interested audience means better click-throughs and conversions. By showing a related advert, you’re engaging with people at a key moment, creating awareness and consideration about your product or service. Marketers know timing is crucial and a key benefit of contextual targeting, is that it uses active behaviour, not past search behaviour.

A targeting solution that doesn’t use cookies

A huge advantage of contextual advertising is that it doesn’t use third-party cookies, instead it uses on-page data, relying on metadata like keywords and website linguistic content. With third-party cookie deprecation and consumer attitudes to privacy shifting, marketers can use this cookieless targeting option to overcome these challenges. Without being invasive, brands can use compelling data to target and personalise their advertising messages to the right consumers based on people’s current online activity.

Contextual targeting techniques with Fluid Ads

Through our Creative Intelligence Platform you can tap into our Audience Extension capabilities to apply contextual targeting to your display campaigns.

We enable you to display contextual ads using two specific techniques to target audiences. Both create the opportunity to get in front of your target demographic at a time when they are interested in content relating to your specific category or niche.

Keywords – based on the keywords contained in the content viewed

Category – based on the category of the content the page is defined as

Fluid Ads do more than Contextual Ad Targeting

Fluid Ads has a host of ad solutions to help create beautiful, on-brand Ads and deliver them to the right people. We focus on delivering the full end-to-end digital ad campaign process through four key areas:

  1. Building Ads: Use our production team to create beautiful eye-catching ads or create your own with our Ad-builder tools.
  2. Targeting Ads: With Contextual, Keyword Search, Geofencing, Geolocation and Retargeting options in platform, your campaigns become more targeted, with less wasted ad impressions. Our managed service capabilities also include social media.
  3. Media Buying: Buy the right media space to showcase your ads to precisely the right audience.
  4. Reporting: We provide the data, insights and intelligence, so you know which ads are performing the best and where future spend should be allocated.

Our team of digital advertising experts are on hand to support your digital advertising campaigns. Fluid Ads caters to all businesses looking to improve their marketing ROI through better digital advertising performance.

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