Ad Reporting

Dig deep into the demographics that engage with your Ads, to understand the audiences that convert and the creatives that work.

Get a 360 degree view of your campaigns with in-depth reporting and analysis:

  • Learn which personas are interacting with your digital Ads
  • See which locations perform best for your digital campaigns
  • Harness intelligence to drive optimisation & ROI
  • Industry leading reporting for all key metrics

Reporting with advanced insights

It’s so important to know how to spend Ad budget to secure the most value for your business. The key to a successful digital marketing strategy is to create the opportunity to engage with your ideal audience, in a way that resonates with them. Traditional Ad reporting metrics from ad servers including impressions, clicks and conversions just won’t suffice.

Integral to the performance of a digital advertising strategy is the ability to dig deep into the demographics that engage with Ads, to understand the audiences that convert and the creatives that work time and again, giving a 360 degree view of your campaigns. Without this intelligence, campaigns are stuck in a cycle of mediocrity. Make the most of digital advertising budgets by having the right metrics and intelligence to refine and enhance campaigns for better performance and ROI.

How does Ad reporting work in Fluid Ads?

The Fluid Ads platform creates and delivers beautiful on-brand, multi-size HTML5 Ads to the defined audience in-platform. Once campaigns are live, data insights will be collated into a dashboard, which can then be used to tweak live campaigns for ultimate performance.

This data provides detail to define who audiences are, and the best way to connect with them, providing the insights and intelligence to further optimise digital display campaigns and drive results even higher.

Fluid Ads Reporting takes care of the deep insights for you, reporting on metrics that include:

  • Key reporting metrics – Device, Keywords, Age, Income, Interests, Gender, Marital status, Ad size, Click elements, Time breakdown
  • Actual counts – We ingest, store, and make full use of all data, without limitations or sampling
  • Financial performance – CTR/CPC/CPM with full expenditure clarity
  • Referrer – Understand which domains display your Ads and drive the best website traffic
  • Geolocation breakdown – See where your audience lives and where to target future spend

Understand the power of digital advertising with the right data

By understanding ad performance at the click of a button, business intelligence can be utilised to measure the success of display campaigns and determine optimisation strategies to enhance live campaigns or plan better for the future.

Knowing the type of deal, offer or creative that resonates with key audiences, alongside detailed variables and factors, are the tools to build key personas and demographics for products and services. Fluid Ads reporting tells you which audiences are performing best and where future spend should be allocated. Campaigns become more targeted, better performing whilst increasing marketing ROI.

Intelligent digital advertising reporting can really make a difference for your business, so talk to the Fluid Ads experts today about using deeper insights to inform your targeting decisions.

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