Ad Solutions

There’s an enormous potential marketplace online, but how do you target the people of most importance to your products and services, without wasting budget on millions of ad impressions?

This is where digital advertising technology comes into play – Fluid Ads has the solutions to get the right ad, with the right message, to the right person — driving brand awareness all the way through to sales.

Create stunning display ads effortlessly

Taking advantage of the online potential is a no-brainer, but creating and managing all of the necessary assets is time-consuming. With our ad-builder automation, you can create and scale multi-size Ad-sets in minutes, saving time and resource. The Fluid Ads creative team can manage production for you, or you can use the tools in-house.

Automated A/B testing easily test your ad creatives to ensure you get the best performance for your Ad campaigns.

Keep content up to date with live data.  Our fully agnostic feed technology in-platform keeps product Ads seamlessly up to date without having to rework the Ad creative every time the data changes.

Reduce Your CPA with advanced targeting techniques

To make your brand stand out in an almost infinite digital landscape, the key is engaging exactly the right customers at the right time. Through the largest range of targeting solutions in the market, you select who you want to target based on topics, interest categories, placements, context, demographic, geographic or custom audience information.

Use geotargeting and geofencing to find people in the real world depending on where they visit, or where they are physically located, to optimise your budget onto focused audiences.

Drive recall, attract more leads and stay ahead of the competition

Marketers know repetition nudges prospective customers from awareness, to recognition, to consideration. Digital display provides the oxygen to fuel your sales funnels, delivering impressions that drive recall and attract more leads to your business.

  • Build nurture campaigns to guide prospects through to purchase
  • Build retargeting tactics to ensure website visitors return and convert  

Deliver greater ROI with the right media buying

With the expectation to deliver more, with less, engaging with the right consumers without a lot of wasted ad spend is crucial. 

We are integrated into a number of DSP’s (Demand Side Platforms) and Media buying networks to ensure your ads are delivered to the right programmatic channels and publisher sites at the keenest price.

Digital display campaigns are one of the most cost-effective channels to reach your audience.

  • CPM between £1.50 and £3.00 for Google Display Network
  • CPM between £2.50 and £7.00 for precision tactics like geofencing and retargeting