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Why are companies moving marketing in-house?

For many companies, there’s been a shift with how they run their marketing activities. Where once the go-to route for marketers would be the agency model, we’re now seeing a move towards moving marketing in-house. But why the shift? And why now?

The agility from agencies

Big marketing and advertising agencies claim to be all-encompassing experts. They offer a full suite of digital services as well as more traditional channels. While dealing with one agency for all your requirements may seem the right way to go, in reality, full-service agencies are slow moving beasts. Campaign proposals and internal sign-off for new products or services require multiple stakeholders.

There’s no ability to move quickly and take advantage of potential opportunities. They really lack the agility modern businesses need.

This is why we’re seeing agencies now specify their particular areas of expertise in various digital areas but with this still remains some challenges:

Transparency and clarity of budget

Clarity on costs and visibility across reporting and delivery of campaigns is essential.

Your CEO or board will want the reasons behind results, growth and ROI. They’ll want to be able to understand and attribute all aspects of their budget. Many businesses are finding that they simply aren’t getting this level of transparency from agencies.

With marketing budgets often getting tighter and with more pressure to perform across the channel mix, it makes sense to have your team in-house with full transparency and flexibility in all your marketing activity.

The right strategy

Agencies that offer a full suite of services often try to upsell their clients to tie them into the products and channel offerings they provide. This may not necessarily be the best approach for that business and is more down to the agency’s need to secure increased budgets from their client base.

With an internal marketing team, all strategic decisions will be taken in line with the key objectives and goals of the business.

Businesses want to build relationships with their clients

Key for business success, especially in the digital space, is the ability to create relationships with their customers.

Consumers are more demanding. They want personalisation and service that caters to their exact needs. Businesses that don’t provide this will soon fall by the wayside.

To truly be able to get under the skin of their consumers, companies and brands need the right data and intelligence to be able to build core demographics and map out the customer journey across key digital touchpoints. Having a third party in the mix, dilutes the ability to really engage with their target audience.

The ambition of businesses 

Bringing marketing activities in-house doesn’t show a lack of ambition, it’s the exact opposite. By investing in the right technology, you’ll give your existing team the opportunity to cover more ground and do more.

And by recruiting the best marketing talent into the business and giving them access to the tools that give them a 360° view of all activities in the marketing channels, your company has the best chance of getting key strategic and tactical decisions right in order to achieve ambitious growth targets.

The available tools and technology

No longer do companies and brands have to rely on marketing agencies and their relationships with providers to get access to the best tools and technology.

Through the variety of ad-tech and martech tools available, businesses can activate campaigns quickly and easily themselves. Businesses have control and transparency over their spend and crucially will be able to attribute ROI to their marketing activities without any smoke and mirrors reporting.

The right tools should also provide them with the data and intelligence to fuel key decisions, as well as the ability to integrate with existing systems for ease of use and to enhancing existing operations.

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform

The capabilities of the Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform gives internal marketing teams market-leading technology at their fingertips to enhance their digital advertising, understand their audience and build relationships with them.

The platform enables advertisers to:

Retailer businesses now also have access to a fully compatible digital advertising platform that plugs directly into an ecommerce site allowing easy campaign creation and rich functionality to retarget site visitors, abandoned carts and find new audiences with ease.

With technology like this available directly to companies, there’s no need to rely on the agency model.

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform provides an end-to-end solution for your digital display activity. Contact us today to learn more and book your free trial.  

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