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The importance of intelligent creative for display ads

To get the best performance out of your digital display activity, ad creative is essential. It’s crucial to get the right message in front of your audience at the opportune moment.

There’s nothing worse for user experience than clicking on an ad to be told the item is out of stock, no longer available, wrong URL or the price has changed. Not to mention the wastage in advertising budgets.

This message could be an up to date deal or offer. It may be a tailored creative in line with the current weather, or in the correct language for an end user.

Whatever the best message might be for your brand or business will depend on the needs of your users, the type of campaign you’re running and the objectives underpinning your strategy. What we can say for certain is that a single creative won’t suffice and simply won’t give you the performance you need.

Ensuring your ads are always up to date

Feed Ads make sure that your display ads always showcase up-to-date deals, products and offers to enable you to drive higher click-throughs and conversions.

A Feed Ad automatically pulls information from an external source and plugs it into the ad itself. You only have to create one ad. This is then connected directly to your feed and crucially will be in sync with it. If anything changes with your inventory, this will automatically be updated in the ad. You only promote what is relevant to your users and available at that specific moment.

This type of digital display ad is ideal for business with ever-changing stock. It is perfect for the needs of travel companies with continually changing holiday images and deals, automotive businesses selling and leasing with a vast amount of stock and prices, gambling companies with live odds, and retail brands offering fast fashion.

One creative. One feed. And ads that are always up-to-date.

Making sure your ads are always relevant

Getting the right products in front of your audience is one thing. Your messaging also needs to be relevant and cater to their changing mindset.

This could be in line with how they browse online throughout the day. Think how a user’s habits are drastically different on their lunch break when it’s all about deals than in the evening when they have time to browse and analyse things in more depth.
Their mood and desires will also be completely different when the sun is out than when it’s raining.

Dynamic ads give you the opportunity to cater to these varying mindsets and more, with your digital display ad changing based on external factors and data. The key is the fact that the content of your ad, promotion or sales message will change automatically, in line with the following:

The upshot of this is that your ads will always be super-relevant to your end users. And with increased relevance comes better CTR.

The space to get creative

Using intelligent creatives such as feed ads and dynamic ads promises increased performance for your digital display campaigns, but it’s just the start.

This type of display advertising also provides you with the space to get more creative with your campaigns. Gone is the need to create multiple creatives for your changing inventory or to cater for your different audiences and their multiple mindsets, and the associated labour costs.

You simply do the work once and let automation take care of the rest. This frees up your team to consider the strategy and approach to your future campaigns.

You now have the capability to change your campaign creative in line with the weather. The question you’ll then need to consider is how can you build a campaign around this? How can your messaging grab your audience when it’s raining? How can you illicit a response when the entire UK is talking about a snow day online?

With the ability to change your creative due to previous products viewed or in line with a user’s search history, you give yourself the chance to engage with them at different stages of the purchase funnel. How will you elicit the right response from them? What messaging will make you stand out and cut through the noise at your peak time for sales?

By enhancing the efficiency of your team and freeing up resource, these are the strategic questions you can answer. That’s how you continue to improve campaign performance.

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform

Through the Fluid Ads platform, we take an automated and rules-driven approach to dynamic ads and feed ads.

All ads will be created using our Ad Builder.

For dynamic ads this will be done before incorporating key data points. Specific rules will be set up in line with your campaign objectives, with ad variations underpinned by these rules. When it comes to feed ads, you only need to create the ad once with all variables fed in from one source.

You can create as many ad combinations as you want, with no need to build the ads from scratch each time. The creative variations are all driven from just one tag, that automatically shows the right creative, to the right person, at the right time.
It’s quick, simple and efficient. Most importantly it frees up your time to get super-creative with your campaigns.

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