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Retargeting for your Display Ads

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platforms enables you to retarget users that have viewed your website and serve them with ads to increase brand awareness and boost conversions

With Retargeting through our platform, you have the opportunity to win back visitors that didn’t convert the first time and attract them back once they have left your site or abandoned their basket.

Retargeting or remarketing allows you to capture data on your website visitors and “follow” them around the internet while they do other things and view other content. You’re giving yourself the chance to engage with users that you know are interested in your product or service and pull them back to your website. They may not have been at the point of conversion initially, but you have the chance to re-engage with them and win them back through retargeting.

This gives you the opportunity to focus your ad spend on an already interested audience. That means more click-throughs, higher conversions and better ROI for your digital display campaigns.

Capturing conversions on a second or third visit
Most of your visitors may not convert on the first visit to your website. The data you have is probably already telling you this. Someone landing on your site, the first time isn’t necessarily going to do too much for your sales. But by pulling them back through retargeting, you give yourself the opportunity to increase their interest and boost your online purchases, customer contact or online submission forms.

Enhancing your digital display tactics with retargeting
Retargeting should form a key part of your digital display tactics. By running multiple creatives, you can hook your audience in with a generic set of ads promoting your products or services. Once they have shown interest in the first ad, you can retarget with a more detailed offer to draw them back in, automatically leading them through the sales and conversion funnel.

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform
We provide you with the opportunity to capture data on your potential customers and use this intelligence to tailor your messaging, to ensure you retarget users with an ad that is relevant to them and their needs. You know your audience is interested, a tailored ad will increase your conversions.

Retargeting pixel
The Fluid Ads Platform allows “pixel capturing” of visitors to your site, ensuring that dynamic retargeted ads are based on the product viewed or the products that were left abandoned in the basket.

We provide a pixel that you can then simply place into the header or footer of one of your website pages. When a user visits that page, this pixel places a cookie which will then track that user for up to 30 days. A pixel just has to be placed once and can be used across multiple campaigns, multiple times.

Search Retargeting
Search retargeting means that you can retarget users based on the keywords that they have originally searched for, ensuring that your product, message or deal is super-relevant to a topic that user has already shown interest in.

Added value to your retargeting campaigns
The Fluid Ads platform not only enables you to create remarketing ads for your digital display campaigns, you can also serve your audience with up-to-date messaging that is always relevant to their needs.

With Feed Ads you can connect your existing product or service inventory to just one ad. Every time the feed updates, so will your ad in real-time. Your audience will always see available and up-to-date products, deals and messaging.

All of your ads can also be tailored to the needs of your customers. Through our dynamic advertising capabilities, we help you to engage with the same users with different messaging in line with the time of day, the day of the week, weather and even the language they speak.

Contact us today to learn how the Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform will revolutionise your ad strategies.

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