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New HTML5 Templates Have Landed

Our ever expanding library of ad templates just got bigger

The Fluid Ads design team have created three beautiful new HTML5 ad templates, all with a different focus and style. If your focus is on text or multiple of images, these templates will provide a strong balance of both to highlight your products and services within our ad builder.

New template 1: Tin Men
Tin Men was created with client feedback in mind. We always ask our clients what they would like to see in future templates and more editable fields was top of the list. Tin Men is perfect for advertising services. The three wide image slots are ideal zooming in on aspects of photos, making it crystal-clear to the viewer what is on offer. Four rolling text fields can be used for promotional offers or highlighting aspects of the images. Clients were also calling out for more colour choices and with four changeable zones, Tin Men will not disappoint.

Example: Florist Company Ad

Example: Ski Resort Ad

New template 2: Broken Flowers
Broken Flowers has room at the top of the template for a huge logo to show off your company’s identity and branding. Two large image slots are put directly side by side which is perfect for showing direct comparisons or similar products. The fixed text box at the bottom ensures that the key message or company name are visible at all times. You have three colour options to enhance the look of your ad.

Example: Delivery Company Ad

Example: Sofa Company Ad

New template 3: On Any Sunday
On Any Sunday can visually showcase several products or services at the same time with its three huge image slots. Depending on which shape you opt for when making your ad, the images will be displayed one at a time or all at once. There is also a jumping call to action box with growing gradient to keep your messages clear.

Example: Office Real Estate Ad

Example: Art Gallery Event Ad

These ads were all made using our ad platform. If you are an existing user, login and get building. Our library is constantly growing so we will keep you updated with new releases.

If you have a very specific template in mind that you don’t see in our library, get in touch and we will create custom styles that suit you that fit your branding.

Or if you prefer, we can even make ads for you, talk to us about our managed service and we’ll take care of everything for you.

For everyone who is about to embark on their advertising journey, book your free demo here.

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