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My first impressions working for an ad tech company

Fluid Ads are always on the lookout for enthusiastic new recruits.

Introducing Maria Del Grande, the latest addition to the Marketing Team. She has thrown herself into the world of digital advertising with tremendous passion and a hunger to learn all there is to know about the ad tech industry.

Here is Maria’s experience in her own word

“I am a Business Economics graduate and over the years, have been lucky enough to gain some great experience in the world of digital marketing.

I chose to be part of Fluid Ads because of the amazing exposure I would receive in advertising and marketing and what an ad tech company does. This includes creating beautiful ads which showcase our templates. All this is accomplished with our innovative ad platform which makes the process of creating perfect ads incredibly easy.

As a member of the Marketing team, I am involved in strategies and campaigns, which I find very exciting. This includes a combination of analysing data, assessing competitors’ marketing ploys and reading breaking advertising news. Especially in this industry, being informed with the latest news is very important as the ad tech environment is constantly changing and updating. We need to be constantly aware of what our competitors and counterparts are doing and always strive to have the competitive edge in every aspect of our service: software, platforms and techniques.

Personally, I love creating ads with our ad platform. Trust me, when I tell you that it is so easy and fun to use. For instance, you can choose the template (out of the many available) which you think best suits the message of your ad. Then select the images that will make your ad come “alive”. This is all designed to make our client’s ads as impactful as they can possibly be.

Moreover, from my personal point of view, I love working for Fluid Ads. Particularly being part of the marketing team it’s simply amazing. I am exposed to every single aspect of the company: from finance to data, to sales. My work doesn’t only consist of creating ads (which I unconditionally love) but also, making sure that our clients and potential custo tomers are aware of all our innovative ideas, templates and techniques. I also write blog posts and look out for all our social media. I am learning so much which allows me improve and grow in the field that I hope to develop my career.

When clients begin working with us, the Customer Success Department will make sure they are fully aware of all the tools our software has to offer and that they are utilizing it to its full potential. I have learnt from this team how to engage with our clients and how to identify their perception of the brand. This has helped me get to know our customers’ expectations better providing them with the best customer service.

So far however, the most important thing that I have learned is that it doesn’t matter which kind of business you are advertising; everyone wants to increase their sales and awareness online. This is exactly what Fluid Ads does with a very skilled and striving team, never looking back but always ahead.”

If you would like to join the Fluid Ads team, take a look at our careers page to see our current vacancies.

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