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Why Multi-Size and Multi-Shape Ads are a must for your Digital Advertising Strategy

When it comes to your ad spend you want to focus on performance

You want your message delivered across multiple formats, but you don’t want to waste your budget on multiple ad creatives or have your marketing team spending their time tweaking and reformatting for multi-size and multi-shape ads.

Why you should be using banner ads
Banner ads, or display ads, are a cost-effective way to showcase your products or services across a huge number of websites that are relevant to your audience. Put simply, your audience will be on these websites and so will you. This helps you with brand recognition and you can also get into the realm of retargeting users that have already engaged with your website, enabling you to start targeting people as opposed to websites – a much more effective tactic.

It sounds simple and straightforward. It certainly can be when you take our below tips into consideration.

The size and shape of your display ads
Display ads come in different shapes and sizes, depending on where they are positioned on a webpage.

These include MPUs, Leaderboards, Billboards, Full Banners and Wide Scrapers to name just a few.

Different websites will have a choice of available positions, and therefore sizes, where you can decide to place your ads. You may even find that there are different available sizes for the same positions on the same website. You’ll also need to think about the change in sizes required across multiple devices.

The best performing ads
According to Google Adsense, the most effective and successful sizes are:

Fluid Ads Multi-Size and Multi-Shape Ads

But this will depend on your specific industry. Your niche may demand more visual or more text-focused ads. Certain shapes and sizes may really work for your customers and will encourage them to respond to your ads.

You need to find what works.

Understanding the performance of your digital display campaigns
Testing is crucial. Finding the right size of ads and position on the page that perform in the best way for your brand, industry and audience will be the key part of your ongoing strategy.

To make this work within your budget you’ll need a cost-effective solution to create multiple sizes and shapes quickly and easily with detailed metrics on the performance of each.

The Fluid Ads Builder – Creating multi-shape and multi-size ads
Through the Fluid Ads’ Creative Intelligence Platform, you have access to our Ad Builder. This enables you to build beautiful, feature-rich, HTML5, multi-size and multi-shape ads in minutes; empowering anyone to create your ads, without the need of an expensive creative agency.

By using the Fluid Ads Ad builder, you only have to create your Ad once.

The process is simple, you choose one of our industry-specific templates (or make your own). Your ad will be designed to be on-brand with the messaging you require. Then Fluid Ads takes out all the hard work and does it for you, reformatting the ad into all the different sizes you require. Which saves you huge amounts of time and money.

Fluid Ads supports 1000s of ad sizes, so you never have to worry about us fitting into the right space – we also support Facebook!

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform
The Fluid Ads Platform is perfect as your full end-to-end solution for digital display advertising. Once your shapes are created you can deliver to your chosen websites, channels and publisher sites effortlessly. You even have the options to target based on the location of your customers, to update your ads in real time as your product inventory changes, and to serve different ads to your audience in the moments that really matter for them.

Crucially you can test and enhance your ads based on what performs for your audience. This will then begin to form the backbone of your ongoing strategy.

Your customers will never appreciate a one size fits all approach. And it simply won’t work for the success of your business.

If you want an end-to-end solution for your digital display activity then contact us today to learn more.

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