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4 New Stunning HTML5 Banner Ad Templates

Our designers have created a new set of HTML5 ad templates and they are ready for you to use

This time, the focus is on balance; when you want to have just as much text as imagery and want to showcase both elements. We’ve created four new templates that you can customise to suit your brand and messaging. If you want to learn more about our recently released templates that focused more on imagery, take a look at our previous post.

Template: Grease
In this template, there is a clean split between images and text here and a prominent space for the logo. This is a great way of associating a particular image with the brand and it will stay front-of-mind with anyone who sees it. There is plenty of space to add in all the content you want with four images places, two text boxes and one logo space. Even though there is one image space per transition, if you want to show-off multiple images, put your shots together and upload it as one picture.

Example: Hair salon

Fluid Ads hair-salon-HTML5

Example: Deli

Fluid Ads Deli-html5-ad

Template: Inception
This template has lots of animation and is great when you want to unveil an offer or exciting details. It starts with a large image, then a sliding animation which reveals the key messaging. If you’re making ads of very different sizes, make sure you check that the images are cropped to suit the ads.

Example: Patisserie

Fluid Ads-patisserie-html5-ad

Example: Gardening shop

Fluid Ads gardening-html5-ad

Template: One Crazy Summer
This is a great template to showcase sales or events as it has a large background image and prominent text boxes. There are a total of five transitions, consisting of four text fields and two full-frame images. Use this template when the messaging is what matters the most.

Example: Office rentals  s

Fluid Ads office rental digital banner advertising

Example: Candy shop

Fluid Ads banner advertising candy

Template: Groundhog day
This template is different from the others in the set as it’s a one slide static template with no transitions or animations, this means that all the information you put on this ad will remain constant. The advantage of this is that the viewer will instantly see all the details so they can immediately engage. To best use this template, make sure you choose contrasting colours so that the individual elements all stand out equally.

Example: Art therapy

Fluid Ads art-therapy-html5-ad

Example: Indian jewellery

Fluid Ads indian jewellery digital advertising

All these HTML5 ads were created using our ad platform, if you are a user, login and get started. We’re committed to creating the best ad library and will keep you posted with new releases.

Our clients are all at different parts of their digital journey and if you love our ads but want your own branded styles, then talk to our team as we can create custom styles for you, so that you can make perfectly on-brand ads. If you love them so much you want us to make them for you, talk to us about our managed service and we’ll take care of all aspects of ad creation for you.

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