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How to enhance your digital ad campaigns for the big sporting season

The Super Bowl, the Grand National, Wimbledon, The Masters and the FA Cup Final. Huge sporting events require tailored, effective and high performing digital display campaigns.

With a multitude of markets for each event, In-Play bets and bespoke betting requests, you need to be agile and reactive, with ads that stand out.

These are the essentials to make sure your ads are up to scratch when the big sporting season hits to get the best ROI out of your digital display campaigns.

Keep everything up to date with Feed Ads
When odds and markets are changing throughout the event, you simply don’t have the ability to manually change your digital display ads. But to provide your customers with out of date odds just won’t suffice.

By tapping into the automation within feed ads, you can connect your ever-changing odds to your ads and ensure they update in real time. The dynamic content will be taken from your inventory and fed directly into your ads quickly, simply and efficiently.

You only need to do the work once and allow automation to take care of the rest.

Make sure your ads are relevant and in line with your customer’s changing mindset
The mindset of your customer will be very different before the match than it is at half time. While your In-Play markets might reflect this, the same needs to be true of your ads.

Think mobile ads during half time offering the best odds on the next player to score. This is what your audience will want to bet on at that specific time. It’s up to you to provide the opportunity and give them the chance to do so.

Dynamic ads that change in line with detailed scenarios and at specific points throughout the contest are essential to help you do this.

Capture your customers with ads that are relevant to them
Research is essential for betting. Your audience will be looking at the odds well in advance of their chosen event. They’ll be considering their options, studying the form and putting their betting plans in place.

Once they’ve viewed specific pages on your site, you’ll become aware of this intent. You’ll know the event they’re considering and potentially the markets they’re looking at.

But they still might not be ready to place their bets. They need time to think and run through their options. They may be waiting to find out news on a specific player, horse or result.

During this consideration phase you need to stay relevant and at the forefront of their mind.

Easily achievable through retargeting with tailored and relevant ads. The more relevant the ad, the better the performance.

Cater to the different needs of your customer
In the lead up, your potential customer may be looking for the website that provides the best markets for their chosen event. Their bet may be a little obscure. They may be after in-play action or be there simply to study the form and analyse the odds.

The same ad each time with a standard URL to click through to is not going to cater to their needs.

A multi-click ad gives your users a number of options to click-through offering them a more tailored experience when they engage with your ad. This means that you can capture them at different stages of their purchase journey. For example, in the same ad you can include links to the following:

  • Your homepage
  • The event category page
  • Social media page
  • A specific betting market landing page

The challenge for you is to tap into the mindset of your customers and serve them with the right solutions in your ads.

Learn from your past campaigns
With events coming thick and fast, the data you collect from the performance of previous campaigns can be used to better tailor your upcoming campaigns. Through advanced analytics and reporting, you can focus on the following metrics to better understand your audience and tailor your campaigns to their needs:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Demographic
  • Marital Status
  • Device Type
  • Time Breakdown
  • Keyword Breakdown

Nothing in sport should be left up to chance. Don’t make that mistake with your digital advertising.

If you want an end-to-end solution for your digital display activity then contact us today to learn more.

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