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Start consolidating marketing technology in your team

You’ve made the decision to bring your marketing in-house and you’ve secured the best possible talent for the business. Now you need to give them access to the right tools to flourish.

Where once this may have meant a couple of go-to tools to activate campaigns and report on the success, now there is an unbelievable amount of technology available to enhance and expedite your marketing efforts.

Last year there were reportedly 6,829 different martech solutions. That’s a lot of choices, which immediately brings with it some specific problems.

Remember when bringing technology into your marketing team was all about improving your efficiency and capacity?

If you’re on the lookout for new tools or looking to consolidate we’ve created some top areas of consideration to make sure you hit the fundamental goals you wanted, which is why you invested in the first place.

Choosing the best possible tools

The first is finding the best possible tool to execute your omni-channel channel requirements. Any decision should be based on functionality, transparency, ease of use, ROI and integrations. Once you have your checklist of all the requirements you need then it will be easy to review all similar tools and see which you’d like to shortlist as your top 3.

Understanding how to connect the dots

Let’s touch on integrations a little.

One of the biggest problems marketers face with many of the current available platforms is that they work in silos. They are standalone for that channel and don’t connect with each other or only partially connect, it’s become so difficult to get a one tool fits all scenario.

This means that while activation of that specific channel may be working, there’s no 360° view of all the marketing activity. Most marketers are finding they will use up to 3 tools to report on one channel. Making strategic decisions based on cross-channel insight is a difficult, slow and painstaking process.

You’re also relying on the intelligence and reason of your marketing team. Even if you have extremely talented marketers, leaving the analysis to human intelligence brings in the room for error. There won’t necessarily be a standalone process for doing things either. One person’s way may not be the best way for another.

The team will need to be fully trained on each tool and then spend their time manually connecting the dots and undertaking the analysis themselves.

That’s really not an efficient way of doing things.

Martech consolidation

The challenges your internal marketing team continue to face are also being played out on a global scale.

The sheer number of tools and platforms on the market has led to one of the biggest trends in the space in recent years. Martech consolidation. This is where the best tools and providers are being acquired by the big players on the market and consolidated, clearing the confusion for businesses and marketers in finding the right tools for the job.

This consolidation could lead to:

This has been a little slower than first anticipated which still means there’s a huge amount of choice.

And with choice, comes confusion.

Considering the needs of your team

With a continued choice of ad-tech and martech providers, it’s vital for your team to have access to an end-to-end solution that has the ability to integrate into any existing systems and tools you currently use. With the key prerogative of enhancing the way in-house marketers and agencies work to make everything more efficient. A tool that slows you down isn’t worth your time and effort.

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform provides an end-to-end solution for your digital display activity. Through Advanced Insights Reporting you have access to the data and intelligence to fuel your future digital display campaigns, as well to understand your consumer and make strategic business decisions.

Specifically, the Fluid Ads integrations team can seamlessly integrate the platform into your existing systems, whether CRM, inventory systems or ad-server systems.

The platform will boost the efficiency and performance of your marketing efforts through a range of features which include:

To understand the capabilities of the Fluid Ads Platform contact Fluid Ads today and book your free trial.

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