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Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform helps your business find customers in a defined area and serve them with beautifully designed ads

We can help you engage with the audiences that really matter to your business on a local level. No longer will you waste budget on audiences that won’t convert. No more will you have to rely on costly and ineffective tactics for your local campaigns.

The Fluids Ads Creative Intelligence Platform will make your local campaigns super-targeted, enhancing your click-throughs and boosting your conversions in the process. Stop wasting your ad spend and make sure you’re targeting the perfect audience using Fluid Ads geolocation AdTech.

Fluid Ads Geolocation Technology
Through our platform, you have the capability to engage with audiences on a local level using two key practices:

Geotargeting gives you the opportunity to target audiences that are known to occupy a specific geographic area. You can use a number of targeting methods, basing it on criteria such as address, zip code, or in line with a specific landmark – you are then able to put a radius around each.

Crucially, your spend will only go towards targeting people within your defined area. It’s ideal to reach as many people as possible in that specific location and increase the brand awareness of your campaign across the board, boosting your traffic in the process.

This is a more advanced form of Geotargeting. With Geofencing it drills down to an individual’s proximity to a defined location. While Geotargeting focuses on a geographic area, with Geofencing you get to design your own location by drawing a digital “fence” around it.

A fence can be drawn around whatever you want, such as one of your locations or an event space during a particular show, conference or sporting event.

Attendees can be provided with specific messaging, while potential customers that left one of your stores can be enticed back with an offer. This technology even enables you to create a fence around your competitor and serve their customers with one of your ads assuming that they have intent to buy.

You’re only spending your budget on the customer and audiences that are relevant.

This is also the perfect tactic to target users more directly on mobile devices. As the users pass through your fences in real time, you can boost real-world physical conversions in store or in location, as opposed to online conversion.

Geofencing can be thought of as retargeting in a physical space. Once someone has entered your fence, you can then place a marker on them and re-market to them wherever they go, in a physical and digital space.

Targeting your local campaigns on a granular level
Our platform uses technology to target areas as small as 10 metres. We also give you the capability to create conversion zones which can pinpoint how many people visited a specific location then entered the conversion zone.

The super-targeted nature of our technology means you can activate local campaigns on such a granular level you will only engage with the audiences that can make a difference for your business, reducing any wastage from your campaign spend.

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform
By combining location-based advertising with the enhanced capabilities of the Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform you can always engage with your key audiences in the best possible way.

Beautiful, feature-rich, multi-shape HTML5 ads can be built in minutes and can easily be managed across multiple platforms.

Using our Feeds feature, product information, pricing, deals and imagery can be fed into your ads directly from your inventory and stock list to target that user with the correct available product or deal in a defined geographic location. Your dynamic creative can also be designed to change with the time of day, weather even the language of the person viewing the ad.

Contact us today to learn how the Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform will enhance your local ad strategies.

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