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Enhance ad engagement with multi-click ads

In 2018 we saw digital media spend account for 43.5% of global media ad spend. In 2020, it will hit 50%and with $628.63 billion spent in 2018, that’s a whole lot of spending going on digital

As a brand or an agency, one thing is clear. You will be spending on digital media in 2019, as will your competitors. What is also clear is that you need to do so in a way that engages with your users and puts you ahead of the competition.

Multi-click display ads is a simple key tool to help you do just that.

Customer Engagement
Your customer will want to engage with you in different ways. Each may be on different stages of their path to purchase with you and their needs will differ. They may be interested in a number of your products or services, want to check out a specific deal or interact with the content on your social media channels.

Communicating all of these messages to them in one digital display ad will certainly grab their attention. What may leave them deflated however is being sent to same landing page whatever their needs and intent.

If your competitors are doing this, it’s where they’ll fail. And where you have an opportunity to boost your own engagement.

Multi-click advertising
Multi-click digital ads help you get so much more from your creative and spend. By including multiple landing page options you give your audience the opportunity to progress through the purchase journey in a way that suits them and their needs, ultimately increasing your chance of conversion.

If you send users to the same landing page, you’re prolonging their path to purchase and adding in distractions. With multi-click, you’re placing them one step closer to the basket or completing your contact form.

Making it easy for your audience
Some of your users may already be familiar with your brand, others may need a little reassurance, and for others, it is all about the offers and what you can do for them.
Multi-click gives you an option for each of these scenarios. You could push users to each of the following for example:

– The brand homepage
– A reviews page
– Social Media page
– A specific product, service or deal

Providing all of these options with one display ad increases the relevancy to your user and caters to their intent. More URLs will boost click-throughs and combined with relevant content on your website will ultimately increase your conversions.

It can be revolutionary for your ad spend, engagement and ultimately your bottom line. Again, if your competitors aren’t doing it, it gives you an instant advantage.

The Fluid Ads Ad Builder
Our Ad Builder enables you to create beautiful, feature-rich, multi-shape, HTML5 ads in minutes. Crucially, all of our ad templates have an option for multi-click, with the number of URLs dependant on the template you choose.

We provide you with the flexibility to use as many landing pages as you need, whether you want to showcase a range of products, multiple offers or cater for the different stages of the purchase journey.

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform
Building multi-click ads within in our Ad Builder is just the start. By tapping into the capabilities of our Creative Intelligence Platform you can serve different creatives to your audience depending on the time of day, the day of the week, the weather, and in accordance with the language of the person viewing the ad.

If your offers and deals continually change in line with your ever-changing inventory, we can ensure that your display ads automatically update in real time to always show your audience up to date deals and creatives. You can even target your users based on geographical location or proximity to one of your outlets all from one platform.

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