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Dynamic creatives will change recruitment advertising

Recruitment advertising techniques have evolved dramatically in recent years and are now on the brink of another huge leap forward.

The internet has turned traditional recruitment on its head and revolutionised the way in which vacancies are advertised and how businesses and recruiters interact with their potential candidates. Until recently traditional recruitment techniques consisted of employing an army of recruiters who frantically phone candidates at all hours, or individually posting vacancies on job board websites and hoping someone out there will see them. This is a very expensive problem for employers, considering the average unfilled vacancy is open for 3 months, which can cost the company up to $4,000 per position.

Today, however, digital advertising has become far more sophisticated and there are new creative ways of advertising job vacancies that simply didn’t exist a few years ago. These include newer platforms such as social media pages which have been instrumental in aiding companies to build brand awareness, raise their profile and connect with their audiences. This has never been so important as a survey by Glassdoor suggests that a staggering 84% of candidates would consider leaving their current role if another company with an excellent reputation offered them a job. (Source)

But even with an army of recruiters, job boards and social media pages, relevant candidates are becoming increasingly difficult to find, particularly to fill permanent vacancies. In fact, according to recruiters, the 2 biggest issues in filling vacancies are the lengthy recruitment process and a shortage of eligible candidates (Source). This is why display advertising is a blessing for recruiters.

Currently, most recruitment companies use generic banner ads placed on job board websites to attract more traffic to their vacancies and to expand their pool of candidates. However, this is a fraction of what is possible and what can be achieved. The most exciting element of display advertising (and the jewel in Fluid Ads digital advertising crown) is ‘Dynamic Creatives’.

Dynamic Creatives allows viewers to be targeted with the best possible ad for them at that moment in time.

The aim of dynamic creatives is to use the increased relevance of the ad to encourage the viewer to engage more effectively. You can optimise and customise your ads to create the right ad for an audience of one.

How do Dynamic Creatives help recruitment companies?

Imagine a national company with many vacancies all over the country, dynamic creatives would change the ad the viewer would see based on their location (and /or other variables), thus making the ad more relevant and more interesting to the viewer.

For example, according to Glassdoor, January is the most popular month to change jobs. Therefore you could structure a campaign to go live in January with a recruitment ad that is specific to the viewers:

  • Local weather
  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Language
  • Geography

This ability to talk to candidates on such a personal level is a very powerful tool, it would reduce the need for an army of recruiters, hours on the phone and trawling the internet. Candidates would be more inclined to engage with the company, presenting themselves as interested and eliminate the tedious search process.

Dynamic creatives provide limitless targeting options when used intelligently. The ability to make ads more relevant for users in real-time using the viewers’ own data makes the recruitment process infinitely more personal and effective. Therefore, dynamic creatives could revolutionise recruitment advertising.

Talk to us about dynamic creatives and learn how it can improve your candidate targeting and responses.

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