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How Dynamic Advertising will revolutionise your ad strategy

Making the most of the moments that matter to your audience

Dynamic advertising can be revolutionary for your digital advertising strategy. You’ll now have the opportunity to engage with multiple audiences with tailored messaging in the moments that matter most to them.

The changing mindset throughout the day
A person’s mindset changes multiple times throughout the day. On their way into the office they consume information quickly and in bursts. This means you have to work hard to grab their attention, cutting through the noise and their blurry morning mindset to speak to them.

They may be browsing at lunchtime looking for the perfect gift. When shopping it’s all about price and deals. When relaxing in the evening they want entertainment, they’ve got a bit more time on their hands and are more open to brand awareness campaigns.

You simply can’t capture your audience in all these moments with the same static messaging and the same creative.

External factors that can impact your audience’s mindest
External factors have their part to play too. Think how getting up on a rainy winter’s day can make someone yearn for a break in the sun, or how ice cream sales shoot up when it’s sunny and sales of hot chocolate rise on a winter’s night. Consider how news of fluctuating house prices can spur a decision to get a property on the market and start looking for a new home.

While you can’t control the weather or the economy, you can control how you display your brand, promotions, and messaging in line with these external factors.

That’s how you can resonate with your audience in the moments that matter, reaching the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

Taking control of your display advertising

Through dynamic ads and dynamic creative, your digital display ad will change based on specific external factors and data. They will automatically change so that the content of your ad, promotion, or sales message is automatically adapted to be specific to that user in that certain moment.

External data can include:

Implementing dynamic ads is a straightforward process and one that will truly enhance your digital display activity. The more relevant the ad, the better the CTR, and the stronger the performance of your campaign.

Dynamic Ads with Fluid ads
Through our Creative Intelligence Platform, we take an automated and rules-driven approach to dynamic advertising.

The ads will be created using our Ad Builder, before incorporating key data points. Specific rules will then be set up, with ad variations created in line with these rules.

There will be no limit to the combinations that can be created and no need to build ads from scratch every time.

Fluid Ads manages all the logic and acquisition of external data. The creative variations are all driven from just one tag, that automatically shows the right creative, to the right person, at the right time.

This is so valuable and important. This means that you don’t need to assign a big budget to creative ad production. Your team doesn’t need to mess around tweaking ad variations with multiple small changes and they don’t need to think about multiple tags for your different targeting requirements.

It’s time saving, efficient and cost-effective. And combined with our multi-shape ads you won’t need to compete in a crowded and competitive environment and can enjoy lower CPAs.

Contact us today to find out how dynamic ads can revolutionise your digital advertising strategy.

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