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How to stop wasting impressions and make the most of your digital advertising with Retargeting

When it comes to digital advertising, it’s essential to get bang for your buck. Your digital display campaigns simply need to reach the right audience with a relevant message. Anything less is just a waste.

And while it might be a challenge that’s keeping you awake at night; it doesn’t have to be. By getting your retargeting strategy right, you can trim the waste and boost the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Trimming the waste
Your impressions will be worthless if you showcase a product that is of no particular interest to a certain consumer. That’s a given. You could also be wasting your impressions if you serve ads to customers that may be interested in your products, but you give them the wrong messaging, or you go in for the conversion too early.

Here’s how to break the cycle of wasted impressions and immediately improve the performance of your ads for better conversions.

In its most simple form, retargeting enables you firstly to capture data on visitors to your website and follow them around the internet. They may be doing other things and viewing other content, but this tactic helps you to be fresh in their mind as they browse.

Importantly, your messaging will be relevant to content that they’ve viewed or a search they’ve actively made. Relevancy is so crucial to making every impression count.

You’re giving yourself the opportunity to nurture your customers throughout the purchase funnel and re-engage with them before they’re ready to convert.

That means that each of your ads have a purpose and won’t be a waste.

Tactical retargeting
By getting tactical with retargeting, it can become a key element of your digital advertising strategy.

If you run multiple creatives initially you can hook your audience in with more generic ads that promote your products, services and any up to date deals. Whilst, these adds won’t drive immediate conversions what they will do is capture potential customers at the top of the purchase funnel.

This means that you can then retarget those customers that show interest in your ads, with more detailed offers to draw them back in. Through the use of your digital display ads, you’re then guiding them through the sales and conversion funnel.

Tapping into retargeting techniques to tailor your advertising strategy:

Retargeting Pixel
Pixel capturing is all about focusing on those customers that have already visited your site and tapping into their behaviours and potential intent to purchase.

Once you know the specific pages they landed on and interacted with, products that were viewed, and crucially any products that were left abandoned in their basket, you can retarget with ads that are super-relevant and based around those specifics.

They may have been close to purchase. This can be the gentle nudge that they need.

Search retargeting
Key to getting into the mindset of your potential customer is to understand further their behaviour online.

A real indicator of a consumer’s needs and requirements is their search history. Are they looking for specific products? Do your services cater to their needs? Have they not yet found you?

Through search retargeting you can drive this interaction with your brand and get tactical with your messaging. This gives you the capability to retarget users with your ads based on the keywords they originally searched for. They’ve shown interest in that topic and your ad will be perfectly tailored to their needs. Approaching digital display advertising in this way always immediately places value in your impressions. They have a need. They want solutions. Your ad will give it to them.

These are just two of the ways that the Fluid Ads platform can enhance your digital display campaigns and boost the effectiveness of your advertising. Contact us today to learn more about how we can revolutionise your ad strategies.

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