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Creative Intelligence Platform

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform offers an end to end solution to manage all of your digital display campaigns, to boost your click-throughs, enhance brand awareness and increase conversions

Your digital display activities and processes will be revolutionized. Campaign decisions will now be based on intelligent metrics and your budget will always go towards engaging with your target audience in a way that resonates and drives performance.

One simple solution
Now you have everything you need in one place. Our platform enables you to build your ads, target them to key audiences, format them across multiple devices and platforms, update them in real time and change your creative in line with the moments that matter for your audience.

You’ll have the data and intelligence to understand exactly who your audiences are and to define the best way to engage with them in your future campaigns. We help your budget work harder, make your internal teams more efficient, and drive better results.

We’ll boost your click-throughs, conversions and enhance your ROI from start to finish all from one platform.

The Ad Builder – increase your ad production efficiency
The Fluid Ads Platform enables you to use our Ad Builder to enhance your ad production efficiency and build beautiful, feature-rich, multi-shape, HTML5 ads in minutes. You can instantly reduce your production spend and focus your investment on acquiring more media and boosting your sales in the process.

Feed Ads – guarantee your ads are always up to date
Through Feed Ads you’ll have the opportunity to create hundreds of ad variants within minutes. We connect your digital advertising to your ever-changing inventory, ensuring your ads update in real time and your audiences always see up-to-date messaging.

Dynamic Ads – engage with your audience in the moments that matter to them
With dynamic advertising, you can serve the same users and audiences with different creatives and messaging in accordance with external factors such as the time of day, day of the week or the weather.

Audience Extension – target your ads and enhance their performance
Our Audience Extension capabilities give you the power to target key audiences, to streamline your budget and boost the effectiveness of your campaigns in the process. Tactics include:

Advanced Insights Reporting – receive the insights to fuel the success of your digital marketing strategy
We give you so much more than just impressions, clicks and conversions. Through our Creative Intelligence Platform we’ll provide you with the data, insights and intelligence to enhance your digital display campaigns, build your demographics and target your activity to capture the audiences that will convert. We can also tell you which businesses have been viewing your ads, enabling you to acquire leads as you advertise. This vital business intelligence will help you make key decisions across your entire marketing strategy.

Enhanced Campaign Effectiveness
Fluid Ads is much more than a Creative Intelligence Platform. We will work closely with you to provide the extra layer of support to truly power your digital display activity.

Our highly skilled integrations team can seamlessly integrate our platform into your existing systems, whether CRM, inventory systems or ad-server systems.

Our team of Campaign Success Managers are always available to help manage your display activity, target the right audience, provide recommendations and work alongside you to help your campaigns evolve to boost your ROI.

Contact us today to learn how the Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform will revolutionise your ad strategies.

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