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Ad Builder

The Fluid Ads’ Ad Builder is the only place you need to go to create responsive HTML5 display ads in minutes

The Ad Builder which forms part of the Fluid Ads Platform enables you to enhance your ad production efficiency and build beautiful, feature-rich, multi-shape HTML5 banner ads in minutes. Instantly reduce production spend and focus your investment on acquiring more media and boosting your sales in the process.

Our solution is flexible and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your branding and requirements.

Key features

The Fluid Ads’ Ad Builder guarantees ease of use and comes with a number of key benefits for your marketing team, the digital marketing strategy and your businesses end goals.
Your campaigns will be more cost-effective, your team more efficient, ad engagement will be enhanced and your ROI will improve. Key features include:

Enhancing your Digital Display Strategy

It’s crucial to get your message out to your customers quickly, accurately and easily. There is no time to waste with long drawn out creative processes. Your all-important marketing budget shouldn’t be spent on an expensive creative agency. Your internal team doesn’t need to waste time manually changing ad shapes and sizes to fit with specific dimensions.

Digital display ads should be online quickly on the websites that matter to your audience, to give your business the best chance of reaching your customers, engaging with them and ultimately driving conversions to sales.

The Fluid Ads’ Ad Builder gives you that capability to be more efficient, cost-saving and high performing, by creating Digital Display Ads that resonate, are always accurate, drive higher engagement and boost click-throughs.

Fully responsive

The average household owns 7 internet-connected devices, it’s more important than ever to be responsive.

With our HTML5 ad platform, you don’t have to worry about creating your banner for every device, it does it for you.

Modern Templates

Combining our industry experience to create fully responsive HTML5 ad templates that are designed to drive higher engagement and click-throughs.

We regularly update our suite with new styles and animations so your display ads will always be eye-catching.

Asset Management

Keep all of your campaign assets together in one place for faster ad creation with our asset library. Provide a brand URL and we will automatically harvest your imagery, logos and colours in the ad, to save you even more time.

Create your beautiful ad to share with your team or the world in minutes with our in-context previews.

On Brand Styles

Clearly displaying your brand on your banner ads, as well as your key messaging is crucial for increasing engagement in a busy market.

If there’s no time to create your own, we make bespoke banner ads with the key elements from your brief for your brand so your team doesn’t have to compromise.

Multilingual Banners

Our platform supports translated content, so your international teams can quickly create country-specific ads.

It’s easy to create a copy of your master ad to change your text and images for any language.


Mobile advertising is a vital channel for your strategy to increase sales; people spend 60% of their time on them.

Our platform allows ad creation for any device or shape, working across desktop, mobile and tablet; all conforming to IAB standards.

Fluid Ads can take your HTML5 ads to the next level with feeds and dynamics functionality.

The Fluid Ads Creative Intelligence Platform

Creating your ads is just the beginning. With Feed Ads your entire product inventory can be connected to just one ad. Each time your feed changes, your ads will update in real time, serving your audiences with up-to-date and relevant messaging, offers and deals.

Ads can be tailored to meet the needs of your customers through dynamic advertising, ensuring messaging changes in line with the time of day, day of the week, weather, and the language of the person viewing the ad.

Our Audience Extension capabilities mean you can define audiences and target users with a higher chance of conversion, whilst Advanced Intelligence Reporting provides the full 360 view as to how your campaigns are performing, and who is engaged with your ads.

If you want an end-to-end solution for your digital display activity then contact us today to learn more.

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